Check from GlobalTestMarket (Paid Survey Site)

I’ve recommended paid surveys several times in my blog as an alternative to earn extra money during your free time. Many people may not believe it, and therefore I’ve posted  a check from GlobalTestMarket, one of the paid survey companies I’ve registered. This proved that you are able to earn from Paid Survey in Singapore!

GlobalTestMarket Check

Many people tweeted and email me asking for help. They are in need of money. Some of them are stayed home mum, taking care of their babies and unable to work.

I’ve also told them the same thing. Making money online is easy if you have the knowledge how to do it. No matter which field are you in, you need knowledge to succeed, and that’s the fact of life.

So before anyone step into internet marketing, they can explore the options of earning through paid surveys. Even if you are in Singapore, you’ll still be able to earn. My check is the best proof.

Another good company I’m recommending is It’s exactly the same as GTM – earn money by filling up surveys.

So which one should you sign up? I suggest you sign up both. Why want to choose when you can earn from both worlds?

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Happy surveying, and see ya!


Why I Invest In Keppel Land

Recently, I’ve sold off my Ezra and planned to move my money into a fundamentally safe stock to hold for a long time. I’ve been scanning through lots of stocks and I have a huge list with me. Once my target price is hit, I’ll make my move.

I believe right now is the best time to invest. We all can see that US Dow Jones is hitting record high. After government announced tapering plan for 2014, Mr Market welcomed it by allowing the market to shoot up.

Dow Jone 5 Year ChartFrom the above chart, Dow Jones is already highing record high, crossing the mark of 14,500! The economy has recovered, government is removing the financial help, and the people are happy.

However, what’s happening to the Singapore Market? Let’s have a look.

STI Chart

Singapore STI has not been performing as well as US or Japan market. In fact, it’s about 10% off the peak of 2013. If you look at the bright side, STI will correct itself soon, following the US market in the coming 2014. So right now, it’s a good time to invest in Singapore Market.

So which company to invest? Some of my criteria will be:

  • Stable dividend – Giving dividends every year
  • Low PE Ratio – Less than 10
  • Low PTB – Less than 1
  • 52-Weeks-Low Stock price – High chance of recovering

I’ve found a few good stocks, but decided to go with Keppel Land. Let’s have a look at Keppel Land’s performance.


Keppel Land DividendsFrom the chart above, you can see the past 5 years dividends of Keppel Land. It’s been rising consistently, except for 2013. I believe Keppel Land still has the potential of giving good dividends, and despite the drop this year, the yield is still pretty attractive at 3.6%.

Other Factors

Keppel Land DataFrom the list above (screen shot from Bloomberg), you can see the PE Ratio is amazingly low – 6.05!

Looking at the PTB – 0.8099, it’s way undervalued right now. I believe Keppel Land’s stock price is pushed down together with the REITs, and once the market tuned back to sync with US market, this stock will shoot up fast.

I decided to hold some Keppel Land stocks since the prices are quite attractive.

Keppel Land Stock Price (Dec 13)It’s near to 52-weeks low, with the upside of more than 25%. I’m entering at $3.37, and happy if the stock can hit $3.7. I’ll sell to cut lost at $3.10, accepting a 10% lost.

So what’s your take about Kepland? I’ll like to hear about it in the comments below.

My eBooks Income Report (Nov 2013)

I’ve not been updating my ebooks income report since July 2013, but that doesn’t mean I’ve gave up and not working on my business. As you know, Vilena was born and I spent lots of time playing with her. I’m still publishing ebooks every day and I’ll like to update my progress for the past 3 months on this post.

eBook Publishing Business

I’ve been sourcing and scouting for new business idea frequently, and at the start of 2013, I’ve found out that since most of the people are carrying smart devices such as iPhone/ iPad, etc … the chances of selling ebooks through iBookstore will be much higher, especially iPhone and iPad are here to stay, which means that eBooks sales will continue to boom.

Recently, Apple updated their latest Mac OS to Mavericks, and iBooks was included. This is a very good news for me. Now, not only users can purchase ebooks from their idevices, they are able to purchase directly from their MacBook! I’ll see how this update will impact my sales figure.

Number of eBooks Published in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov 2103

I’ll just go straight to the figures. These numbers will be the ebooks I’ve published successfully in Aug, Sept and Nov. I’ve set myself target to publish at least 1 ebook per day, and at least 30 ebooks per month. This is to keep my business growing and I’ll like to see how far I can bring this passive business to.

Aug 2013 – 32 eBooks Published
Sept 2013 – 26 eBooks Published
Oct 2013 – 63 eBooks Published
Nov 2013 – 47 eBooks Published

In these 4 months, I’ve published a total of 168 eBooks! I’m quite happy with the numbers, and of course, this comes with sweat and tears. I’ve to manage the contents, upload to the publishers, make the cover and track the sales. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying what I’m doing and that matter the most.

Number of eBooks Sold in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov 2013

This is the important part. With more ebooks, do my sales go up? So what do you think? Some of my early ebooks can be way down the pages, and readers may not be able to find anymore. With new ebooks published every month, I still manage to bring in a constant sales.

Aug 2013 – 537 eBooks Sold
Sept 2013 – 463 eBooks Sold
Oct 2013 – 541 eBooks Sold
Nov 2013 – 595 eBooks Sold

As I’ve mentioned, despite more ebooks, the sales figure has rather stay constant. I’m hoping to break the 600 barrier soon, and I need to think of ways to revive my early ebooks. Any ideas to share?

So in the last 4 months, I’ve sold a total of 2136 ebooks. Of course not every single sales are paid ebooks. Some are free ebooks I’ve giving away to my readers. This will explain the high sales figure.

eBooks Sale (Nov 13)So from the graph, you can see the ebook sales (blue bar) keeps raising slowly. I’m very happy with the consistent sale figures. With more ebook sales, my income increases as well (red line). I’ll break down the figure below.

Aug 2013 – $155.56
Sept 2013 – $221.15
Oct 2013 – $278.07
Nov 2013 – $411.47

Within 4 short months and consistent work, I managed to push my income from $155 to $411! Am I happy? Hell yes! This is what I’ve been wanting since I start this business – a constant, passive income.

Do remember, in Nov, I’ve traveled to Italy and spent 2 full weeks there, driving Ferrari and enjoying life, yet my income just keep raising even though I’m not working on it. Now I call this Passive Income!

My Goal in 2014

I’ve super happy with my income, especially when it break $400 barrier in Nov! Now I’m more pumped up and invest heavily in more quality ebooks. I’m trying to publish as many ebooks as possible. I want to bring this business further, and I know I need to explore new ways to do it.

My goal in 2014 is to try hitting $1k per month. Once I’ve reached that, I’ll feel very comfortable. In Singapore, I can do a lot with USD1k monthly! Can it be done? Well, I’m not too sure. All I know I’ve grown up during this year. I’ve gained lots of experiences and I’m hungry for more!

So what about you? What’s your plan in 2014? Have you start taking action? I’ll like to hear in the comments below! Merry Xmas!



Adventure In Rome

After my tired yet exciting day in Florence, we moved on to our next destination – Rome. I’m a huge fan of Spartacus series (currently watching season 4) and very eager to visit this 3000 years old ancient city.

Me and my gang took high speed train from Florence. It was only 2 stops away, yet took us around 1.5 hours. Upon reaching, we immediately snapped tons of photos, while moving towards the metro.

There were lots of people at Roma train station, and it was where our “real adventure” began …

While waiting for the train to arrive, my group of 5 were busying taking photos and chatting. All of us were very excited. Our day was fully planned and we had to rush in order to see more. By the end of the day, we would be going back to Venice.

The train fully arrived and just liked Singapore, every body pushed hard to squeeze in. We were trapped right in the middle, with people pushing us from behind. We just followed the crowd in.

Finally the train door closed and off it went. One of my friend suddenly looked at me and said “I lost my wallet!” Initially I thought he was joking as it was totally unexpected. Another friend who was besides us told us the same thing, “Mine was gone too!” My third friend touched his pocket and shouted “Same!”

We were totally stunned! 3 out of 5 people were pickpocket at the same time, without knowing! Out of the blue, someone touched my friend and pointed to the floor. His phone was lying there. He quickly picked it up and was very glad to recover it back. I guessed the pickpocket just interested in the money.

Once we reached our stop, we alighted and made police report. My friends had to call the credit card companies to deactivated every single card. What a memorable way to start our day!

Although it was impossible, we tried not to think about it and continue with our journey. We walked slowly, and along the way we joked about how we could prevent it from happening. I knew the moods were low, and the loss was huge. Nevertheless, we still reached one of our destination – the Colosseum.

The whole Colosseum was made of rocks, and part of it was already destroyed. Based on the story, Spartacus burned it down while rioting. Despite that, the Colosseum was still one of the grandest building ever built, and remembered, it was 3000 years ago!

Due to the time constraint, we could only see one more attraction, and we’ve decided to visit Vatican City.

Walking there took us around 1 hour, and in between we stopped by for lunch, and allowed our legs to rest. Vatican City was a place where pope lived, and currently, Pope Francis was there.

When I reached there, frankly I was slightly disappointed. I was expecting a huge and nice city, but it was plainly a big church with St Peter Square outside for the audience. The rest of the city was filled with garden. Maybe if we had the time, we would to get into the building to see the paintings, but we did not. We did not want to miss the train to Venice and therefore, we left early for the station.

On the train, everyone was relief. Rome was indeed beautiful with the ancient ruins and buildings, but we were still traumatized by what had happened earlier on. Maybe one day, we’ll come back with more caution, but right now, we did not want to step into Rome again.

So what about you? Any exciting experiences to share?

Maranello – Ferrari Factory and Florence Tour

During the past weekends, I’ve encountered one of the most amazing incident so far in Italy. Before that, let me bring you to Maranello, the Museum of Ferrari.

I’ve to admit Ferrari is one of my dream car ever since I’ve seen one during my younger days. However to be realistic, I know I don’t have the ability to own one, or maybe not yet 🙂

In order to fulfill my dream, my friends and I traveled to a small town called Maranello. This town is quiet and peaceful, roads are small and narrow, but the cars are fierce. It’s the factory of Ferrari!



Can you see how excited I am?

After the Ferrari tour, we proceed to Florence. To me, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The buildings and bridges are simply astonishing!

People said when you went Florence, you had to see David, the finest sculpture in the world. Too bad the real one is lying in the museum, but nevertheless, it’s still amazing.


We’ve ended our day with nice, big Florence steak. Wonderful day!


Milano – First City in Italy

My plane landed in Milan Airport, and I’ll be spending a night here. From the airport, I’ve hired a private van to send me to my Hotel – Michelangelo Hotel.

The car ride took me around 40 minutes. Along the way I could see the countryside, which I could never see in Singapore. The temperature was cold and the whole journey was very comfortable.

Some thing I’ve noticed about Milan was the Graffiti. It was everywhere, on almost everything piece of wall. The streets were dirty too, full of leaves and rubbish. My impression of Milan was a fine, modern city where designers were born and it should be a very high class city, but it was totally the opposite. The buildings were old, streets were dirty, giving me a sense of insecurity.


I’ve chosen Michelangelo Hotel because of the location. It was 3 min to Central Train Station, where I’ll take one high speed train to Venice the following day. Michelangelo Hotel was cosy, not very grand, nor magnificent. But the staff was friendly, and I must mentioned the breakfast was very nice.

Without further delay, after checking in to my hotel, off I went for a city visit. The first place I went was – San Siro Stadium. Being a soccer fan, this was one of the popular stadium in Italy, shared by 2 famous football team – Inter and AC Milan.

From the outside, the stadium did not look magnificent. I guessed the skills of the cameraman must be very good, giving me the impression the stadium was grand and huge.

The next place I went was Duomo. I’ve heard it’s where all designer brands are located. True indeed, the place was nice! There’s a famous Milan Cathedral there, and it was huge! The wall sculptures were simply amazing! I really wonder how much time and people had worked on this building to make it such an attraction.


If you’ve never been to Milan, I suggest you just stay a day or two, definitely not more. There’s nothing much in this city. Spend your time on other places.

Ok I’m preparing myself to my next destination – Venice. I’ll be spending a couples of days there. See you!

Journey To Italy

I’m writing this post right now with my iphone. Reason is simple – I have nothing better to do.

I’m taking SIA to Italy, and it’s closed to 13 hour flight. The previous time I took such long flight was my trip to Florida, a crazy 29 hour flight. However, flying with SIA is really different.

SIA is known for their world class flights and service. You’ll feel like a king, being treated as if you are a royalty. The food are pleasant and I just realized they have upgraded their entertainment sets.

The in-seat screen is much larger now, around the same size as my iPad mini and the thing I really like is the ability to charge my devices through USB port. SIA allows in- flight charging, where most other airlines don’t. This shows how sconfident SIA is with their flight electrical wiring system! They fear no risk of battery explosion or fire. Good job!

I still have a good 3 hours to go before touching down in Milan. I already miss my family, especially Vilena. The night before I flew off, she was still giggling and moving her hands and legs. She is so adorable!

This trip is mainly for business and I have serious stuff to settle. But of course I’ve packed holiday into it as well. Some of the cities I will be visiting will be:

– Milan
– Venice
– Florence
– Rome

As much as I miss my family, I’m pretty excited as well. This is my first time to Europe and I’m going to make my time well spent!

Watch out for my next few posts, I’ll take more photos for you. Enjoy!