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My CPVLab was down …

I’m using CPVLab as my tracker, with Beyond Hosting to host all my website. I’m using VPS to handle my traffic and I do not expect or allow any disturbances to my sites.

However, recently I encountered lagging from my CPVLab. Not too sure why, and since it was still running fine, I just ignored it.

My worst fear finally happened yesterday. While I was editing and adding new campaigns, but CPVLab couldn’t load and finally, “500 Internal Server Error” occurred. It was bad. My traffic was running and I was losing money every single minute. I imediately open a support ticket to Beyond Hosting. The person in charge (Kyle) replied almost immediately saying he would checked the issue. I could only wait and prayed.

After several attempts to bring my site back, including reinstalling my CPVLab, Kyle told me I had to wait for their Tier 2 admin to come as he did not have enough access rights to continue troubleshooting. I felt lost. This was the first time I felt completely helpless. There was nothing much I could do except to pause all my traffic.

Since everything’s down, I made use of the time to play with my daughter, brought her to our library and playground. It was then I realized I focused too much on my biz, rather than on my girl. Feeling pretty guilty ;(

At night, around 1030pm, beyond hosting staff replied asking me to try again. He (Jesse) said he had removed some files that were jamming my server.

I tried, but failed. I could login this time, but wasn’t able to edit my campaigns, or checked any stats. I emailed Jesse back again. He checked, and within 5 min, he told me it was settled. The root cause was because my database and CPVLab version were different, and therefore unable to sync. He fixed that by upgrading my CPVLab. Indeed, it was fixed magically! I couldn’t say happy I was at that time. It seems like a part of me suddenly revived from the dead. Lol.

I resumed all my traffic immediately. It was late and I was tired. I was hoping everything would be settled and by tomorrow morning, I could see some traffic reflected on my CPVLab. I knew my earnings would be affected, but right now the most important was to get the problem fixed.

The next morning, I login to my CPVLab before I even brushed my teeth (familiar anyone :p ). Finally, things were back to normal. My stats were healthy. Earnings were back and biz was back as usual.

Although my traffic and earnings were dropped, I was still happy with what I had. Online business was really a push button business. I pushed the button to resume my traffic, and traffic started running.

I’m not sure if the problem is settled. I have to login with my iphone regularly to make sure my site is up. But I’ve learned several lessons:

  • I depend too much on CPVLab. I must spread my traffic and campaigns to either more accounts, or Voluum. At least if 1 site/server is down, I still have the rest running.
  • Always get worldclass service such as BeyondHosting. You need immediate response when things happened, and they are giving you that attention. Don’t go for cheap sources.
  • Relax. When things are down and beyond your control, take the time off to do something meaningful. No point keeping it to heart and make your day miserable.

So have you encountered any sudden disturbances in life? How do you react or overcome it? I’ll like to hear.


Fear Of Making More Money

The feeling of making money is good, especially when the income just roll in days after days, weeks after weeks. Every time you clicked refresh and “Ka Ching”, another sale came. You feel like you are at the top of the world, and life is good, or is it?

Last month, my new CPA business hit my first goal of making $10k per month. That’s a common goal for most internet marketers. $10k is a comfortable figure, especially when you are living in Singapore like me. Everyday, I’m ecstatic to see my commissions come in. I just continue to do what I’m doing now, and I’ll be alright.

However, since I’ve been in this field for many years, I know things will change very fast. If you are new to Internet Marketing, especially CPA, do take note, every offers WILL die. No offer will last forever. 3 main reasons why offers die are:
– advertisers pull out,
– competitions are so fierce in the bidding wars that your CPC>EPC,
– banner/LP blindness.

Most of the time, it was due to competitions, or advertisers stop the offer. Therefore, when you are earning money, scale fast and furious, reap whatever you can before anyone else. This is where the bulk of money is.

When I started out, I set myself a small achievable target of making $100 revenue a day. I found several small offers generating $30-70 a day for me. Add up everything and I cross my $100 day. Soon, $100 revenue becomes $100 profits. I set my next goal of achieving $10k a month. This goal is huge, but achievable. Breaking down into days, all I need is to hit $300 profits a day. I’m already hitting $100 plus daily, so what’s stopping me from hitting $300? Nothing!

There were tons of things I could do to scale up my earnings. I tracked and saved all my ideas in Evernote. Whenever I came out with something new, I would quickly saved it, no matter where I was. Soon, I had a long list of to-do items.

It was important to keep a journal of what you had learned daily, as well as things you could do. At times when I was lost, or ran out of ideas, I would refer to my to-do list for new things to test, new angles to try. These would continue to push me forward. Before I knew, I hit my $10k goal within 6 months!

Just when things seems to be fine, conversions keep coming with minimum work, I started to get worry. I was worried about not hitting $300 a day. I was stress. On one hand, I was happy to earn this income without much work. On the other hand, I was afraid this would disappeared overnight. I told myself ALL offers would die, and soon I would see my income dropped. All I had to do was to relaunch new campaigns. Easier said than done, I was unhappy.

I worked even harder than before, more anxious than ever to maintain my earnings. I knew I had to stop. This was definitely not healthy. I started to look for a solution.

The main reason I was upset was due to fear, the fear of making more money and not making anymore the next day. The fear of losing everything overnight and start all over again. I asked myself what’s wrong with that? Every Internet Marketer goes through this phase, over and over again. Top affiliates can make 6 figures a month, or even a day and their campaigns die. It was perfectly normal.

Still not convince, I listened to an audio podcast. The speaker mentioned that he too, fear to check his email as he had received tons of emails previously telling him either his leads were not of good quality and he had to stop, or they banned him. So … I wasn’t alone 🙂

I certainly do not like the volatility of CPA, and I plan to work on my old ebooks project on the side to have a stable income. This keeps my confident high and soon, I’ve overcame my fear. I’m comfortable to run more campaigns. I’m able to spend more money on testings without the fear of losing money. I’m able to let go and start enjoying life without monitoring my campaigns every minute.

Within these 7 months, I’ve grown much faster than before. I’m able to handle the pressure of work, family and business. I’m ready for more now.

So what about you? Are you afraid of losing, or have you overcome your own fear? Tell me about it in the comments below.

I’m Back In 2015!

Wow, I can’t imagine I’ve not blog for almost 9 months, and so many things have happened since. First of all, my dearest daughter has grown up, and fast. I still remember the moment she came into our lives, and now she could walk, talked and called “Daddy”! Priceless!

2015/01/img_7265.jpg If you read my previous post, you would have known that I went for Ivan Ong’s CPA Course. I signed up in Apr 2014, and attended the course on 13th, 14th and 15th of June. Why do I remember these dates so clearly? Because they are life changing! As you know, I’m making to make a few thousands here and there, from my ebooks and stuff, but nothing comes close to what I’m earning with CPA! The course was nicely constructed in a way to suit newbies, and frankly for me, it was kind of basic. First 2 days were to learn what CPA and Traffic sources were, and I just walked around chatting with people as I already knew these at the back of my hands. It was until the 3rd day when they started sharing strategies that really blew my mind. I did not know internet marketing could be so powerful!

2015/01/img_5926.jpg Right after the course, I started launching my campaigns with the techniques taught by Ivan. I studied closely, read tons of materials and tested lots of offers. It seems like a door was opened right in front of me, waiting for me to go through to the promised land. I was excited everyday, especially when I launched new campaigns. I wanted to get the data as fast as possible so that I could plan my next move. Things looked good. I started making profits by the 2nd month. When I started making money, I started to launch more campaigns, and tested with bigger bigger budgets. I signed up with lots of paid forums such as AffPlayBook, PPVGuru and STM. Without knowledge, I can excel 🙂 Right now, after 7 months, I can say I’ve made the right choice by signing up for the course. My eBook business is making me thousands a month passively without doing anything. My CPA business is making me 5 figures a month now. And I’m still holding on to my full time job! I make a deal with myself to sign up for at least 1 course a year to improve myself. For 2015, I’ve already signed up for Tony Robbins’s course. I just want to progress, make more friends and have fun.

2015/01/img_7171.jpg So what about you? Have you start taking actions for your 2015 goal? Let me know about it. PS: If you want to sign up for Ivan Ong’s course, remember to tell him Vanson recommends you, and ask him for a free DVD.

My eBooks New Direction After Lulu

I’ve not been blogging for a while, but that doesn’t mean my businesses or trading stop making money. As usual, I’m looking for new ways to make money online, and to share my learning experiences with my blog readers here. Before that, let’s jump in and see how my ebook business is doing.

eBooks Business – #1 Passive Income

Frankly speaking, I’ve been slightly lazy to keep pumping in new ebooks. I wanted to see what will happen if I stop pumping in new ebooks to Lulu. Will my income drop, stop, or maintain? Of course, the idea case if to maintain my income as long as possible, but I know it’ll be tough, as more competitions are coming up. Nevertheless, below are the stats for my sales. I’ll continue from where I last posted.

Dec 2013 Sales
Dec 13

Jan 2014 Sales
Jan 14

Feb 2014 Sales
Feb 14

Mar 2014 Sales
Mar 14

Well, as you can see, I’m getting consistent sales, despite not adding any more ebooks. I’ve invested some money into making these ebooks, mainly using freelancers as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts. Now, it’s time to get back my investment, passively!

Just within 2-3 months, I’ve already break even (not to mention I’ve already been making some money from Lulu monthly), and everything I’m earning right now is pure profit. This is what I truly call A Passive Income Business. I’m glad to add this stream into my line of businesses.

So What’s Next?

I decided to stop report sales from Lulu, as this is getting boring. The genes of setting up and running this business had been blogged from A to Z right from the beginning. If you want to learn how to make money selling ebooks, just read my previous posts.

So what’s next for me? Well, I’ve figured out something. I have lots of assets right now, with over 300 ebooks with me. If I just sell my ebooks at, am I leaving a big chunk of money on the table? Are there any other places where I can sell my ebooks?

Since I’ve already created these ebooks, and I can see the demands are there, why not try selling at other websites? This idea struck me, and it was a good idea! I decided to explore.

More eBook Marketplaces

After doing tons of researches (as I’m totally new in this industry), I’ve found another 2 good places where I can just copy and paste this system. All I have to do is to self published my ebooks, and let the money rolls. These 2 marketplaces are:

Kobo Bookstore

I’ve heard of Kobo before, when I’m searching for reading apps from my iphone. But I’ve not created any accounts or explore them before. When I was reading up about Kobo, I realized they had acquired Sony eBooks as well, which mean they were huge!

The good thing about Kobo is the simplicity. Self publishing your ebooks is a breeze. Everything’s pretty straight forward (just 4 pages) and within a day, your ebooks will be ‘live’.

My plan is to self publish 10 ebooks per day. I do not want Kobo to think I’m a spammer. 10 is a good figure as I just have to copy and paste everything from Lulu to Kobo. I can do it within 1/2 hour.

I started uploading some ebooks in Mar 14, and I must say the sales are not as fantastic as Lulu, maybe because not many people are using Kobo. Nevertheless, money is still money, and everything’s passive once I’ve done my self publishing. You can see how much I’ve made so far. Take note I’ve just uploaded a few ebooks to try.

Kobo eBook Sales

I’ve uploaded 217 ebooks so far, sold 21 in Apr and made a total of $72. Not that fantastic, but if I can get $100 passively every month, I’m more than happy to do it.

So what about Google PlayStore?

Google Playstore

Google Playstore is huge, with over 70% of smartphones are Android, which means that Playstore is preinstalled into their phones. My target is to get into mobile business, and Playstore can be my answer.

I’m using the same strategy – 10 ebooks per day. Playstore is quite straight forward as well. However, you need to convert your ebooks to PDF version before you can be accepted by Google.

The approval takes 1-3 days. Sometimes it can take over a week. So if your ebooks are pending, just be patient. The bad thing about Google Playstore is that they never show you how much you’ve made. You can download your sales into excel format, but that’s troublesome. I’ll just do it once and forget about it. As long as I know sales are coming in, I’m fine with it.

Till today, I’ve sold 49 ebooks, each at $3.99 (I’ve done my research). You can calculate yourself how much I’ve made in less than 4 weeks.

Google Playstore eBooks Sales

I’ll continue to pump my ebooks into Kobo and Google Playstore, and I’m targeting around Mid May, I’ll be able to publish all my ebooks. From then on, I’ll be able to make passive income from 3 major bookstores, month after month.

So what about you? Have you start making your stream of passive income? Let me know in the comments below.

Get Your Website Rank Without Any Banklinks

While my baby girl – Vilena Tan was still sleeping, I tried to write up a post with my limited given time. I had finally understood why parents were always complaining about not having time for themselves. It was so true! One cry from baby and you had to drop whatever you were doing to attend to her. Princess girl!

Anyway, in June, about 3 months ago, I’ve created another niche site using Yes, it’s possible to use this free google blogging site and get ranked. Many people thought they had to buy a domain to get rank in Google. No doubt that it will work. However, you can rank equally well in Google with Blogger and other free sites if you know how.

Look At The Stats

As mentioned, I’ve created this brand new niche site using Blogger in June. I’ve pulled my traffic stats from June to July. Let’s see.

Site Stats 1

Not too shabby for a brand new site. And take note, I’ve not done any backlinking yet. I’m too lazy for that. I’ll just write some simple blog posts and let the site grows by itself. So most of my traffic comes from search engine.

More Stats

Frankly speaking, I do not know whether this site will grow or not. Non of us know. Google can just change their algorithm and everything changes over night. But 1 thing for sure, if you are doing white hat, using original contents, your site is there to stay.

Let’s see my stats all the way till today (5th Sept).

Site Stats 2This site basically grow very well. You can see I’m hitting around 100 UV per day, without doing any backlinking at all. All in all, I’ve written a total of 19 posts (last post on 17 Aug) and have not touch this site anymore. Yet this site is still growing everyday!

So where are all my traffic from? You can see from the stats below yourself.

Site Stats 3

Yes, all from Google! This proved that Google can rank any sites, provided they have good and unique contents, even without any backlinks! But is it really that simple? Of course there are other things to take note of. Interested? Continue reading …

Reason For My Site To Rank Without Any Backlinks

The main reasons for my site to rank high (still growing), with just 19 posts and 0 backlinks is because of Keyword Research! Yes, that simple.

Many people think that backlinks are the most important factor to rank in Google. I can only agree that backlinking is only one of the most important factor. To me, keyword research IS the most important point to your internet marketing success.

First of all, it’s MUCH easier to rank in a non-competitive niche. A good keyword research can lead you to success much much faster with less or no efforts!

You can totally ignore backlinks, guest posting, social media marketing, etc … All you have to do is to focus on creating ok content. Yes, ok content, not great content will be enough. Reason is simple, there’s not much competition at all. Whatever you write will stick on Google.

So remember. Whether your site can earn, or rank solely depend on how well you do your keyword research. Do you agree? You can write in the comments below.


Clickbank and Affiliate Marketing Checks (July 13)

Recently, I’m more pumped up into affiliate marketing. I’m more focus and fully make good use of my available time to do something useful, such as creating a new stream of eBooks income, as well as testing out my new Paid Surveys income.  Maybe it’s because of my coming soon precious daughter who will arrive on Earth somewhere in Sept. Me and my wife are so excited now 🙂

Anyway, my main focus is still on Clickbank. Many forums are saying Clickbank is dead. No one will buy any more ebooks, or digital products from them. It’s way past the prime. However to me, my websites are still making passive income from Clickbank, month after month, without doing any job.

The point I want to share across is – don’t listen to the negative. It’s about you, and your action. If you never step up to do something, nothing will be done. I spent years building my websites. I have lots of ups and downs during these periods. Even now, I faced lots of difficulties and obstructions daily. It’s the mentality of fighting back, never give up and pursue what we believe in.

These checks are not for showing off. It’s nothing great at all. But it’s a kind of motivation that I’ll see every month, pushing my beyond my limits. I hope to share with my readers that I’m just a normal employee, who’s making a side income during the weekends. If I can, you can too 🙂

Affiliate Check 1 – $100

Affiliate CheckThis is a new site that I’m promoting recently. Just started and good to see income starts coming in. I hope to see more in near future.

Affiliate Check 2 – $1304.42

Clickbank 1My usual Clickbank check. Trust me, Clickbank is one of the best place you can promote. The payouts are on time. I’ve been using them for many years.

Affiliate Check 3 – $1579.54

Clickbank 2Another Clickbank check. I’ve multiple accounts in Clickbank, to reduce the risk.  Like I’ve mentioned previously, it’s definitely possible to earn some passive income while having a full time job. All you need is to know how to do it, and just take action!

So what about you? Have you start earning some side income? I’ll like to hear from you. Just share with me what you are doing on top of your job to earn extra? See ya!

Some Recent Clickbank And Amazon Checks

One of the best feelings in the world is to receive your passive income, through checks. As you know, I’m a regular Internet Marketer, making some passive income using internet. The great thing about it is, I do not have to worry about my housing mortgage, or my day job. I’m able to survive purely from the internet alone!

If you are my regular reader, you’ll know that I have my Adsense account banned this year, which of course lower my monthly passive income. I therefore shifted my focus to totally ads-free, pure product-based earnings. Though my income had dropped tremendously, I still have a decent amount monthly. I’ll show you some of my pay checks from Amazon and Clickbank. I’ll keep the rest secrets first 🙂

PS: this is not to show off, but rather proving anyone can do it, even if you are in Singapore, you can make a nice passive income online. Remember, all the amounts are in USD. Sweet!

If you are interested in making some passive income as well, just buzz me at Twitter!

Amazon Check (Dec) Clickbank Check (Nov) Clickbank Check (Oct) Clickbank Check (Dec)

How Can I Earn Extra Money From My Blog

My previous post – How To Blog In Singapore had drawn lots of attentions. I’ve received several emails asking me if it’s really possible to earn from blogs. If yes, how can they do it?

Most of the emails come from Singapore and Malaysia and most of them are moms. I guess these moms are trying to find a way to earn extra income from home since the living standard in Singapore and Malaysia are rising too fast. Sole breadwinner doesn’t work in our era anymore.

Back to the question, can blog really make money? Well there are many ways to look at it. Let me roughly explain the whole concept.

Blogs started off when individuals using it as online diary. Instead of hiding their daily lives, these people were very opened in their lives, and gladly shared where they went, what they ate, who they were who, etc … Because most of the people are born busybody, these blogs tend to attract lots of attention, especially blogs from celebrities. The fans just can’t get enough of them.

After blogging started to get popular, everybody from age 8 to 80 had their own blog. They wrote about their lives and share the things they liked. Through sharing, marketing started.

Smart bloggers like John Chow saw the opportunity to make a living through blogging, and he did it so well that he became a superstar. (Well, if you are earning over $40,000 a month, you are a superstar as well)!

John Chow wrote many interesting things about his life, and he enjoyed traveling and food. This really captured many readers including me to follow his blog. His blog was simple and easy to read, not technical and very friendly. Sometimes, he would share how he got rich through blogging and that was the main pulling factor for people to keep reading his blog. Making money from blogging is thus … born.

People started to have more than 1 blog to earn even more. Instead of writing about their lives, they started to do niche blogging – which mean they wrote blog posts about certain topics like Quit Smoking, Fishes, Golf, Feng Shui, etc ….

Through these specific blogs, the bloggers published very detailed information for their readers and sometimes, they would recommend solutions to their problems.

For example, a Quit Smoking blog teaches people how to quit smoking in 7 days. The blogger will provide lots of information on how to do it, and eventually he recommends an ebook that promise his readers they can quit smoking easily within 7 days. Guess what, tons of readers will get this ebook as they are very targeted. Almost 100% of the readers are smokers who wants to quit smoking. That’s the power of niche blogs.

So basically these are the 2 ways to start a blog, either to write about your personal life and market something interesting, or write a niche blog to target a specific product. Can you earn? Of course you can!

If you have read my other post about how much reading I’m doing daily, you will know I really spend a lot of time on books and blogs. If you just want 1 advise on how to make money from blogging, I’ll suggest you read, from Problogger.

If you don’t know who Darren Rowse is, you are perhaps new to blogging. Darren started a blog called Problogger and it was very successful. In fact, it is such a big hit that he hardly write any more post. Most of the blog posts are from guest posting. But do not think these guest posts are of low quality, they are filtered after waves and waves of elimination. Only the best posts can appear on ProBlogger. Reason is simple, there are just too many readers.

Darren himself is a very simple and humble man. Most of the time, he’s sharing with his readers how to build a better blog within 30 days, things to look out for when you just start your blog, how to blog about your business to attract more customers and lots of other tips.

Through his tips, many people benefited and save several years of trail and errors. I dare to say I’m one of them. In fact, I was so pumped up to make more money through blogging that I purchased all of his ebooks. And these ebooks are gold! They basically taught me tons of things I would never have learnt from any other places. Until now, I’ve successfully started over 20 blogs, earning me a nice passive income day after day.

So if you really interested to start a blog in Singapore or Malaysia or any other parts of the world and earn passive income from it, I really suggest you follow Darren’s blog (and mine of course). Read more, and learn more. Post more interesting topics that will interest your readers and you are half way there!

Have you started your blog? I’m interested to check it out. Just drop me a comment below and let me know how you are doing. Blog out!

Free Podcasting Ebook

Previously I’ve talked about listening to podcasts in Singapore is one of my favorite hobby. You can find all sorts of topics, from audio to video, from things happening on Earth to the stars in the universe. Basically podcasting will be the future of marketing and news. Reason? It’s free and easy to produce. Everyone can be a podcaster.

If you are interested in podcasting, and eager to try out yourself, I’ve good news for you. I’ve found this free podcasting ebook available online right now – The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting. It’ll cover basically everything you need to kick start your podcasting channel from anywhere in the world including Singapore!

Before this offer goes away, quickly get yours now!

How To Blog In Singapore

Many Singaporeans are bloggers like me. Just do a simple search and you can find tons of Singaporean bloggers blogging about their lives and earning money from their blogs. Most of the time, these bloggers are earning through adsense. This is perhaps the simplest way to get their online businesses started.

If you are living in Singapore, or any parts of the world and interested to make a living online as well, you should get started like … now. It’s not as hard as you think. Getting started is easy, the tough part is to keep your business moving and the toughest part is to think of ways to keep increasing your income.

First of all, for most of the people especially Singaporeans, you are either studying or working full time. In Singapore, you can’t live without money. Government will not feed you. You have to depend on yourself for the rest of your life. However, it’s easy to start your businesses in Singapore, especially online businesses. That’s why most of the working young adults can make extra money through trading, or online. I choose both.

The best part of having an online business is freedom. For me, I’m a normal, Singaporean working full time. I’ve passion and some free time to spare after work, and decided to invest in building my blogs. All you need is to register a hosting company and that’s it! The rest is pretty straight forward. The hosting company will guide you through how to setup your WordPress blog and you are ready to go.

After having your own blog, you can pretty much do whatever you want. If you want to blog about your life (like this blog), you can do it. If you want to talk about your hobbies such as games, fishing, cars, golf, etc … you can write in your blog too. Some of my advices:

  • Write as frequently as possible.
  • Provide interesting content, preferably no one has written before.
  • Your post should not be too short, preferably more than 600 words.
  • Always know what you are writing. Have a topic. This is mainly for SEO purpose.

After setting up your blog and finally delivered your first post, congrats, you have a business! Don’t look down on your small little blog. All big A-star bloggers started with their small blogs. Their secret to make it successful is to keep providing good contents to feed their audience.

Imagine this, if you write a post for your blog 3 times a week, you have 3 x 52 = 156 posts a year! These posts are working for you 24×7 non stop, even when you sleep. How far your blog posts can reach your audience depends on what you write and how you write it. As I mentioned previously, you need to have as unique content as possible to attract new readers to come in, and subscribe to your blog.

With your readers growing, you are able to market them basically anything. For example if you enjoy using a very good and productive program such as Dropbox, you can just write about it. Once your readers read about your post, they will know about dropbox and probably sign up. This is a win-win situation as your readers will benefit from this useful program, and you will get some rewards for referring someone to them.

The key thing is to get started. Once you’ve setup your blog successfully, you just have to keep the momentum. Start playing around with your wordpress and soon, you’ll have a feel how blogging works. Start tracking your visitors as well using google analytics. This is the best free analytic tool you can find and you’ll ever need. Your main job is to increase your daily visitors.

Before I going deep, I suggest you check out this video. This person lives very near to us (Malaysia) and he’s making money online too! Look at his earnings and I’m sure you’ll be impressed! Give yourself a chance to break out of the working rat race and move to a dot com lifestyle.