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My eBooks New Direction After Lulu

I’ve not been blogging for a while, but that doesn’t mean my businesses or trading stop making money. As usual, I’m looking for new ways to make money online, and to share my learning experiences with my blog readers here. Before that, let’s jump in and see how my ebook business is doing.

eBooks Business – #1 Passive Income

Frankly speaking, I’ve been slightly lazy to keep pumping in new ebooks. I wanted to see what will happen if I stop pumping in new ebooks to Lulu. Will my income drop, stop, or maintain? Of course, the idea case if to maintain my income as long as possible, but I know it’ll be tough, as more competitions are coming up. Nevertheless, below are the stats for my sales. I’ll continue from where I last posted.

Dec 2013 Sales
Dec 13

Jan 2014 Sales
Jan 14

Feb 2014 Sales
Feb 14

Mar 2014 Sales
Mar 14

Well, as you can see, I’m getting consistent sales, despite not adding any more ebooks. I’ve invested some money into making these ebooks, mainly using freelancers as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts. Now, it’s time to get back my investment, passively!

Just within 2-3 months, I’ve already break even (not to mention I’ve already been making some money from Lulu monthly), and everything I’m earning right now is pure profit. This is what I truly call A Passive Income Business. I’m glad to add this stream into my line of businesses.

So What’s Next?

I decided to stop report sales from Lulu, as this is getting boring. The genes of setting up and running this business had been blogged from A to Z right from the beginning. If you want to learn how to make money selling ebooks, just read my previous posts.

So what’s next for me? Well, I’ve figured out something. I have lots of assets right now, with over 300 ebooks with me. If I just sell my ebooks at, am I leaving a big chunk of money on the table? Are there any other places where I can sell my ebooks?

Since I’ve already created these ebooks, and I can see the demands are there, why not try selling at other websites? This idea struck me, and it was a good idea! I decided to explore.

More eBook Marketplaces

After doing tons of researches (as I’m totally new in this industry), I’ve found another 2 good places where I can just copy and paste this system. All I have to do is to self published my ebooks, and let the money rolls. These 2 marketplaces are:

Kobo Bookstore

I’ve heard of Kobo before, when I’m searching for reading apps from my iphone. But I’ve not created any accounts or explore them before. When I was reading up about Kobo, I realized they had acquired Sony eBooks as well, which mean they were huge!

The good thing about Kobo is the simplicity. Self publishing your ebooks is a breeze. Everything’s pretty straight forward (just 4 pages) and within a day, your ebooks will be ‘live’.

My plan is to self publish 10 ebooks per day. I do not want Kobo to think I’m a spammer. 10 is a good figure as I just have to copy and paste everything from Lulu to Kobo. I can do it within 1/2 hour.

I started uploading some ebooks in Mar 14, and I must say the sales are not as fantastic as Lulu, maybe because not many people are using Kobo. Nevertheless, money is still money, and everything’s passive once I’ve done my self publishing. You can see how much I’ve made so far. Take note I’ve just uploaded a few ebooks to try.

Kobo eBook Sales

I’ve uploaded 217 ebooks so far, sold 21 in Apr and made a total of $72. Not that fantastic, but if I can get $100 passively every month, I’m more than happy to do it.

So what about Google PlayStore?

Google Playstore

Google Playstore is huge, with over 70% of smartphones are Android, which means that Playstore is preinstalled into their phones. My target is to get into mobile business, and Playstore can be my answer.

I’m using the same strategy – 10 ebooks per day. Playstore is quite straight forward as well. However, you need to convert your ebooks to PDF version before you can be accepted by Google.

The approval takes 1-3 days. Sometimes it can take over a week. So if your ebooks are pending, just be patient. The bad thing about Google Playstore is that they never show you how much you’ve made. You can download your sales into excel format, but that’s troublesome. I’ll just do it once and forget about it. As long as I know sales are coming in, I’m fine with it.

Till today, I’ve sold 49 ebooks, each at $3.99 (I’ve done my research). You can calculate yourself how much I’ve made in less than 4 weeks.

Google Playstore eBooks Sales

I’ll continue to pump my ebooks into Kobo and Google Playstore, and I’m targeting around Mid May, I’ll be able to publish all my ebooks. From then on, I’ll be able to make passive income from 3 major bookstores, month after month.

So what about you? Have you start making your stream of passive income? Let me know in the comments below.


My eBooks Income Report (Nov 2013)

I’ve not been updating my ebooks income report since July 2013, but that doesn’t mean I’ve gave up and not working on my business. As you know, Vilena was born and I spent lots of time playing with her. I’m still publishing ebooks every day and I’ll like to update my progress for the past 3 months on this post.

eBook Publishing Business

I’ve been sourcing and scouting for new business idea frequently, and at the start of 2013, I’ve found out that since most of the people are carrying smart devices such as iPhone/ iPad, etc … the chances of selling ebooks through iBookstore will be much higher, especially iPhone and iPad are here to stay, which means that eBooks sales will continue to boom.

Recently, Apple updated their latest Mac OS to Mavericks, and iBooks was included. This is a very good news for me. Now, not only users can purchase ebooks from their idevices, they are able to purchase directly from their MacBook! I’ll see how this update will impact my sales figure.

Number of eBooks Published in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov 2103

I’ll just go straight to the figures. These numbers will be the ebooks I’ve published successfully in Aug, Sept and Nov. I’ve set myself target to publish at least 1 ebook per day, and at least 30 ebooks per month. This is to keep my business growing and I’ll like to see how far I can bring this passive business to.

Aug 2013 – 32 eBooks Published
Sept 2013 – 26 eBooks Published
Oct 2013 – 63 eBooks Published
Nov 2013 – 47 eBooks Published

In these 4 months, I’ve published a total of 168 eBooks! I’m quite happy with the numbers, and of course, this comes with sweat and tears. I’ve to manage the contents, upload to the publishers, make the cover and track the sales. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying what I’m doing and that matter the most.

Number of eBooks Sold in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov 2013

This is the important part. With more ebooks, do my sales go up? So what do you think? Some of my early ebooks can be way down the pages, and readers may not be able to find anymore. With new ebooks published every month, I still manage to bring in a constant sales.

Aug 2013 – 537 eBooks Sold
Sept 2013 – 463 eBooks Sold
Oct 2013 – 541 eBooks Sold
Nov 2013 – 595 eBooks Sold

As I’ve mentioned, despite more ebooks, the sales figure has rather stay constant. I’m hoping to break the 600 barrier soon, and I need to think of ways to revive my early ebooks. Any ideas to share?

So in the last 4 months, I’ve sold a total of 2136 ebooks. Of course not every single sales are paid ebooks. Some are free ebooks I’ve giving away to my readers. This will explain the high sales figure.

eBooks Sale (Nov 13)So from the graph, you can see the ebook sales (blue bar) keeps raising slowly. I’m very happy with the consistent sale figures. With more ebook sales, my income increases as well (red line). I’ll break down the figure below.

Aug 2013 – $155.56
Sept 2013 – $221.15
Oct 2013 – $278.07
Nov 2013 – $411.47

Within 4 short months and consistent work, I managed to push my income from $155 to $411! Am I happy? Hell yes! This is what I’ve been wanting since I start this business – a constant, passive income.

Do remember, in Nov, I’ve traveled to Italy and spent 2 full weeks there, driving Ferrari and enjoying life, yet my income just keep raising even though I’m not working on it. Now I call this Passive Income!

My Goal in 2014

I’ve super happy with my income, especially when it break $400 barrier in Nov! Now I’m more pumped up and invest heavily in more quality ebooks. I’m trying to publish as many ebooks as possible. I want to bring this business further, and I know I need to explore new ways to do it.

My goal in 2014 is to try hitting $1k per month. Once I’ve reached that, I’ll feel very comfortable. In Singapore, I can do a lot with USD1k monthly! Can it be done? Well, I’m not too sure. All I know I’ve grown up during this year. I’ve gained lots of experiences and I’m hungry for more!

So what about you? What’s your plan in 2014? Have you start taking action? I’ll like to hear in the comments below! Merry Xmas!



My eBooks Income Report (July 2013)

It’s nice to keep track of my projects and share with my readers whatever findings I have. This is one of my project which I have started last Dec 2012. I’m trying to start a stream of passive income by selling ebooks on Apple iBookstore.

You can read my previous month ebook income report to have a better understanding of my status before going deep into my July’s sales. Every month, I’ll do some analysis on my sales figures, and I’ll think of ways how to bring my sales further.

I treat this income as an experience to share with my readers. I’m optimizing the best pricing per ebook, number of ebooks sales, etc …. Without further, let’s dive in.

Number of eBooks published in July 2013

I’m still publishing 1 ebook per day, according to my plan. I’m trying to increase the number of ebook published, but unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity at the moment. In fact, I’m already struggling to maintain this frequency due to my extra commitment to my family (my daughter is coming out soon) and next month, I’m not even sure if I have the time to continue this project.

Nevertheless, right at the beginning, I started this project with the aim of having it runs itself automatically, without me managing it. If I stop now, my ebooks will continue to sell, making me  a small passive income day after day.

In July 13, I’ve published a total of 28 ebooks (+12%). It’s always nice to see a positive figure. But I think I’ve reached the plateau. It’s not possible for me to go any higher without doing 2 ebooks per day. Let me think of a way, but right now, I’ll stick with 1 ebook per day.

In total, from Dec 2012 to July 2013, I’ve published a total of 110 ebooks! Finally I’ve crossed the 100 ebooks mark! Wow! I was thinking to myself the other day, if I never even take action 1/2 year ago, there will not even be a single ebook at all. A small step a day brings great success later! Target to hit 150 ebooks before year end. Possible?

Number of eBooks Sold

This is the interesting part. Let’s look at the chart below.

eBook Sales (Jul 13)You can see a jump in the blue bar, that’s the increase of ebook sales. I’ve managed to sell a total of 466 ebooks (+57.4%). This huge figure is because I’ve published several free ebooks for users to download. I’ll explain more in future posts.

As for the red line, you can see something interesting. My amount earned in July was $141.28 (+2.7%). The figure doesn’t go consistent with the previous few months. Despite the increased in number of ebooks published, my earnings stop increasing. This proved that more ebooks don’t mean more money. My ebooks published in July did not sell as well when comparing to the previous month. Why?

The main reason for this is the Cost. If you read my previous post, I’m currently doing an experiment to test the best pricing for an ebook. I’ve did well for the pricing for >$2, and in July, I decided to ramp up the prices to $5.99 per ebook. I know it’s crazy, but hey, you never know.

Well, the data proved everything. In July, my earnings did not increase despite publishing a record of 28 ebooks of $5.99 each. Initially I wanted this test to go on for 2 months but since the first month already proved it wasn’t working, I’m going to stop in Aug and revert everything back to $3.99 pricing.

The change in pricing will take some times to be reflected, and therefore I believe the earnings in Aug will not be much, or even drop. We’ll see again in my next month’s income report.

Pricing of eBooks

Sales PricingI’ve print-screen to share my sales figure breakdown, according to the pricing. I’m still trying to find the optimal price for ebook. Let’s see what we can conclude from this data.

First of all, sales of ebooks is highest again at the range of $1-$2. People like cheap ebooks, but not as cheap as below $1. People will find these ebooks probably junk to be that cheap.

Secondly, there’s a drop in the sales figure in the range of $2-$3. This is probably because I’ve not uploaded any ebooks in that range in the month of July.

Thirdly, there’s no sales in $5.99 range and I can confirm it’s too expensive for readers.

Lastly, even though sales figures ($2-$3) is lower than $1-$2, the earnings is still higher, for continuous 2 months. Therefore I can almost conclude that, in order to earn the most, I have to set my prices around $3.99 range (after the fees from Apple and Lulu, each ebook earnings will be around $2.99).

My Plan

I’m going to change the pricing for all my ebooks published in July ($5.99) to $3.99. On top of that, in the month of Aug, I’m going to set all the ebooks that are going to be published to $3.99. I’m looking for a rebound in the sales, hopefully. But I know the updates in pricing will not be immediate. So we’ll see the earnings again next month.

If the earnings are stable, I’m going to change all the pricing to $3.99 flat. I’m not going to do it immediately. I’m going to spread out the ebooks and maybe change 10 per week. But I need more data before taking this step. Hopefully, after my split test, I’m able to find this optimal price to maximize my earnings.

My target is to hit $200/mth by year end. I’m left with about 3 more months. Frankly speaking, I have no confident at all, but we’ll see. Next month, with the arrival of my precious daughter, I’ll perhaps spend even less time on this project. But nevertheless, I’ll keep updating my progress, whether it’s positive or a drop in income.

So have you published your first ebook? Let me know in the comments below.


My eBooks Income Report (June 2013)

Every month, I’ll update my ebook income as a learning experience for my readers. It’s a way of tracking my income month after month, which I’ve created just end of last year. Selling ebooks on iBookstore, B&N, and other major online distributors allow me start another stream of income, and do note, this income is passive. Although I’m still uploading ebooks daily to sell, I can stop anytime I want and my current pool of ebooks will continue to make money for me.

How do I know? Well, it’s easy. The ebooks I’ve uploaded in Dec 2012 are still selling well. I started this project with the mind of collecting passive cash from the start. I wanted to produce great ebooks that will last the test of time, and kept selling until Apple closed down its iBookstore. Till then I’ll keep producing great ebooks for the community.

Having said these, I’ve some interesting findings in June. First of all, let’s look at the sales.

Number of eBooks published in June 2013

I’m still following my plan, and consistent is the keyword to this project. My plan, as mentioned in earlier post, is to continue to publish 1 ebook per day. I do not want to overwork myself to produce more, or too slack that I never do anything about it.

In June 13, I’ve managed to squeeze out 25 ebooks (+56%). I think that’s somehow the maximum I can do per month. So the next few months, I’ll be happy if I can maintain this number. In total, I’ve published 82 ebooks in total. I’m not too far from my target of 100 ebooks by year end. In fact, I may even hit it by next month. Let’s see how it turns out.

Number of eBooks Sold

eBook Chart (June 13) Actually I’m quite surprised by this number. From the chart, you can see that my sales of ebooks have not gone up significantly for the past 2 months. Despite with additional 25 ebooks published, by sales in June just went up by 3. I sold a total number of 296 ebooks (+1.02%).

One reason can be the topics I’ve published. I’ve chosen a wide range of ebook topics to write, from romance to self help. Maybe readers aren’t interested in some of the topics and those ebooks are not getting any sales. I’ll try to dig deeper in that.

I’m still quite happy with the result, as long as it’s positive. I’m hoping I can break the 300 ebooks sales barrier by July 13. It’ll be a milestone for me!

Income for June 2013

This is the reward I’ll get after all these hard work, the income I’ve been waiting for. No doubt the money if good, but I’m finding the process more fun. I’m treating it more like a project, an experiment than really to make money. Of course, I won’t reject the income also 🙂

Anyway, in June 2013, I’ve managed to finally break the $100 barrier! I’ve made $137.82 (+40.60%). Wow! It was totally unexpected. In May 2013, my income jumped 17.6%, which was good, but this month, it jumped 40%!


I can’t really tell. The number of ebook sales stagnated, yet the income grew. One reason I can think of is probably the higher ebook cost. I’ve made known that I am testing the optimal pricing for the ebooks. In May and June, I’ve increased my ebook cost from $1.99 to $3.99. With higher pricing, my income shot up the roof!

I’m still testing the pricing of the ebooks to get the best price/sale. I’m wondering how $5.99 will affect my figures. Let me try In July and August. I’ll update in my next Income report. Check my future posts for more data.

Best Pricing?

So far, with the data I have, I’m able to do some analysis about ebook pricing. I’m curious what’s the best price for ebooks. The cheaper the better? Or higher price in order to fetch higher earnings? How much higher will affect the sales of ebooks?

Now lets see the data below

Amt Sales Earned
$0 198 $0
$0.01-$1 27 $20.97
$1.01-$2 40 $51.29
>$2 31 $77.03

I’ve sort the Sales and Money Earned based on the pricing of the ebooks. At $0, I’ve sold 198 ebooks, which doesn’t surprise me. Free is good. I’ll ignore this data. However, I’ve noticed a trend. The sales are the lowest when the price of ebooks is below $1 (27 sales), and the highest when the price is between $1.01-$2 (+48.19%). Can this pricing fetches the highest income? Not necessary.

When I breakdown further, although I’m able to see a lower the sales figure for >$2 ebooks when compared to $1.01-$2 (-22.5%), the earnings are much higher (+50.19%).

This data is interesting. It means that the buyers don’t mind paying more for good ebooks. And they don’t really buy cheap ebooks. Maybe it’s the psychology issue. Cheap = bad. So what’s the best pricing? As I’ve mentioned, I’m going to set the prices of the newly published ebooks to $5.99 for the month of July and August. I’ll analysis the data after that. Wait for my post.

My Plan

I’m not sure how far this project will bring me. It’s getting more and more interesting, especially when I have more and more data. I still have a lot of areas to analysis, such as

  • which topics are selling well, and which topics have not sell a single ebook so far,
  • how many ebooks I’ve published for that particular price,
  • what will happen if I adjust the price to >$2? Will my income will jump?

These are some questions I’m quite curious and eager to find out. I’ll just wait patiently for the next 2 months before doing anything. I personally think $5.99 is way too expensive, and foresee I won’t sell much with that pricing. I may not even sell a single ebook and cut short the test to 1 month. If that’s the case, I can assume the best pricing will be between $2-$5.99.  Before that, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

So have you started your ebook business? How’s your sales so far? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!



My eBooks Income Report (May 2013)

If you have read my previous post about how to sell ebooks in iBookstore and other major publishers such as B&N, you know I’ve created a new stream of income by writing and self publishing ebooks to Apple iBookstore. I’ve blogged about my sales and income for Apr.

Before I had done much, May was over and it was already middle of June. For the past month, I’ve continued to publish ebooks using freelancers from Elance. Without them, I will not be able to progress as fast as I want. Time is limited to only 24 hours a day. I need to use other people’s time to my advantage.

Having said that, let me shared my progress with you.

eBooks Sales

Number of eBooks published in May 2013

I’ll continued with my plan and make an effort to keep working on this project to make it grows. I’ve not set myself any target, and I don’t know how far this project will go. Anyway, it’s not taking too much of my time as I’ll just be involved mainly in the planning and managing parts. The rest of the work will be done by my freelancers.

I’ve not reported the numbers of ebooks published previously. However from May onwards, I’ll keep a record of the number. It can tell me several things such as my ROI (return on investment), cost per ebook sale and the trend (more ebooks = more sales). These are some interesting figures which I can share with my readers.

As of May 2013, I’ve successful published 16 ebooks. In total, I’ve published 57 ebooks. These are my employees, my friends who are working hard for me daily. The more I published, the bigger my army becomes. Right now, I’m targeting to hit 100 ebooks by end of the year. 43 more ebooks to go.

Number of eBooks Sold

Compared to Apr, the number of ebooks sold increased slightly. In Apr, I’ve sold 271 ebooks (including free ebooks). In May, I’ve sold 293 ebooks (+8.11%). I’m quite happy with the 8% increase in sales, month over month. As long as the sales numbers keep going up, I think I’m on the right track.

Income for May 2013

Finally we’ve came to the finale. This is the number I’ve been waiting for every month. My income from the sales of all my ebooks. In Apr, I managed to get $83.36. In May, I got $98.03 (+17.6%). Wow! I’ve just missed the $100 mark.

I’m very happy with this figure. With just a small increase of 8% sales, I managed to increase my income by 17%. One of the main reasons was because I had increased the price of the ebooks published in May to $3.99/copy, up from the usual $1.99. I’m still doing a split test to see what’s the optimal selling price for these ebooks. If the price goes up, the sales go down. I need to find the balance.


My Plan for June

In June, I’m going to stick to $3.99/copy and I’ll like to see the figures before I’ll decide further. I have to collect more data and analysis more for this business to run at the peak.

I’ll continue to get my freelancers to write to me, and I’m still thinking of ways to publish as many ebooks as possible. Right now in May, I’m close to hitting $100/mth from these ebooks. If nothing goes wrong, I’m targeting $200/mth by Dec 2013. It’s not a big, unachievable goal. If it’s properly managed, I’m sure this is a doable. Let’s see how it turns out.

I know that if today, I’ve stopped writing, this income will still roll into my account, month after month until Apple iBookstore closes down (which I doubt so). It’s another stream of passive income which I’ve written step by step for my readers.

I’m just a very normal, office guy who wants to make some extra income for my family. And the thing is, it’s not that hard. You just have to start taking action. If you have any questions, just drop a comment below. I’ll try to answer to my best capability.


How My eBooks Are Selling in Apr 13

How times flies. I’ve just blogged about earning by writing ebooks in March, and it’s already half way past May. If you never take action, or do anything that can build up your future daily, time really can fly and when you start noticing, it’s too late. You can’t turn back the clock anymore. Listen to me, start doing something, anything …. that can shape up the future you want.

Alright, Apr had been a very busy month for me. I’ve to take care of my housework, my new ebook business has just kick off and I need to manage the team well. Luckily, the share market is currently at the rooftop, so there’s nothing much for me to monitor. I’ll just wait for a crash before going in again. Right now, I’ll just stay put, collecting my dividends.

Updates for Lulu

As you know, I’ve self published my ebooks through and it’s quite a pleasant journey. Lulu enables me to distribute my ebooks across most of the platforms (PC, Mac, iTunes, B&N, etc …). As a publisher, the most important factor is to make sure your ebooks are easily accessible for everyone. However, kindle is not part of the distribution list. It’s powered by Amazon and a rival to Apple.


In Apr, sales from Lulu had been good. I’ve made a total of 279 sales (including free ebooks) and a profit of $82.73. Not bad, considered zero marketing and promotion. Plus these ebooks will stay as long as Lulu is around, making me some passive cash every month.

How Exactly I Write My eBooks

Previously, I’ve mentioned that I do not write my own ebooks. So in this post, I’ll show you exactly how I do it.

1. Plan

First of all, you need to plan. As a manager of your ebooks project, you need to balance the profits and losses. Reinvest the profits well to generate more sales. That’s the rough idea.

2. Get finding topics

You have to write tons of ebooks to generate a good income. The rule of the game is simple. The more ebooks you published, the more income you’ll likely generate. You are very unlikely to be the next J.K Rowling, so forget about writing on 1 story and expect to be a billionaire. Start from small, evergreen topics.

I’m always focusing on topics that will outlast the test of time. My ebooks can be read 6 months later, 2 years later and even 10 years later. The content is evergreen and useful for different generations of people. Example of such topics are:

  • How to manage your time well.
  • How to swing your golf club
  • How to run a marathon (lastest ebook)

There are tons of topics to think of. Come out with your own list of about 20. Then you are ready for the next step, that is ….

3. Find lots of ghostwriters

I don’t write my ebooks. I hire ghostwriters to write for me. I’ll just give them the topics I want, and hire them to do the rest. At any point of time, I’ll have about 10-15 ghostwriters writing for me concurrently. The reason is simple. I want to pump out as many ebooks as possible. It’ll take 1 ghostwriter approximately 10 days to finish 1 ebook. So 1 ghostwriter can complete about 3 ebooks per month for me. With 10 ghostwriters, I can publish about 30 ebooks per month, about 1 per day. Not bad!

Of course, things are not so easy. You have to go through the contents to make sure the things they’ve written are not rubblish. I do not want to be branded as a bad writer, as these ebooks will be under my name. Therefore I’ll go through each and every single ebook before I published them. This is quality control 🙂

4. Finding these Ghostwriters

So the next question, where to find these ghostwriters? Well, the best place will be Elance and Odesk. You just sign up for a free account, then write down the requirements you’ve set for them. Once done, the writers will start bidding for your project. You can select a few and get them to start working on your ebooks.

As for payment wise, I’ll only pay them for a complete ebook. I never pay them by stages. Some writers will request to be paid 10% for the first part, then 40%, followed by the last 50% etc … I don’t do that. No ebook, no deal.

Some writers can be negotiated to be paid by the sales of ebooks, which mean that you’ll pay them royalties for every ebook you sell. If they are a good writers, and their ebooks sell well, they can in fact earn more in this way. Try negotiating with them!

5. Your Job Now

Once you’ve got your first ebook, published it! Then at mean time start looking for a new ebook deal. This process can go on and on, as long as you like. Use the profits you’ve earned from the previous sales to fund your new projects. Plant as many seeds as possible so you’ll get more fruits in future. It’s about managing your projects, funds and time.

Remember, earning money online isn’t difficult. All you need is to know how to do it, and well, do it! If you never take any action, nothing will happen. I hope this post will help you publish your very first ebook. And if you do, pls send me a copy, I’ll gladly review it!

So have your started? I’ll like to hear your plan and experience in the comments below. Happy writing!