About Vanson Tan

I’m happily married to my lovely young wife Xiaofen on 11th June 2010, and our traditional wedding was held 1 year later on 20th Feb 2011. Now having more responsibilities as a son, husband and hopefully father soon, I must keep improving myself and give my family a better life.

I read a lot, almost everyday. I read blogs from famous bloggers, financial news, books, etc … This is the way I keep up with the ever changing world. I applied what I’ve learned into Internet Marketing, my core business.

I blogged about my life, mistakes I made and what I do to grow my businesses. I’m working as an employee as well, so find out if I can successfully climb up at corporate ladder. My work is competing against my business to the earnings. Right now, I’m enjoying the best of both worlds. Who knows if my business keeps growing, I may resign from work one day.

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8 responses to “About Vanson Tan

  1. Hi Vanson, My name is Alex Sum and I am Singaporean living in Queenstown. I am very keen to learn internet marketing from you. Sincerely hope you can you be my mentor. Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Sum

  2. Hi Vanson, read your tweets on CPA marketing with much interest. Seem like before you attended Ivan Ong’s course, you started to pick up CPA from other sources and even run campaigns. For the hard work put in, definitely deserve success and salute you!

    You mentioned attended a talk by Charles Ngo. Can share the differences between him and Ivan? One better in mobile and the other in PPV?


    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for coming to my blog. Yeah, I’ve attended both, and both are great in their way. Ivan’s team is good with desktop CPA. His course caters mainly for beginners, from registering new domain, signing up to CPA networks to running campaigns and traffic. If you are a total beginner, and very much interested in desktop CPA, Ivan’s the guy you need to talk to.

      As for Charles, he’s “prince of CPA” and a man of systems. He did things in a systematic way, well organised with huge plan. As far as I know, his focus is mainly mobile CPA, and his course (AFFcelator) is much advanced. He doesn’t go through “opening of accounts” as such, and will interview you before accepting you into his course. His course fee is 3-4 times more expensive than Ivan’s.

      Nevertheless, both are excellence people and they are all out to teach and make you successful. Eventually, it depends on what you really want.

  3. Hi Vanson, thanks for the quick and informative reply! Attended Ivan’s course preview and considering it. Since the earliest the course can start is in July, would be great if you could recommend where I can start reading up on CPA to get some head start. Affiliatefix? Am a CPA newbie who started to read on the topic only 1 week ago. Thanks!

  4. Hi Ben,

    It’s good that you read up more before you attend the course. Many of my friends told me after attending, they are overwhelmed by the info. So to get a heads up, read more blogs, forums. I even set up my account and start running a few campaigns to have a feel how it goes before attending. This is for me to ask more advanced questions than the rest of the students. Start with Warrior forum (free) and AFFplaybook (Paid). These 2 are good forums. Of course WF is free, which means it’s full of rubbish too. I don’t really recommend STM unless you are doing mobile.

    Another important point to join these courses is to network with insiders (coaches, students) and get to know them well. Very often, these like-minded people will form their own mastermind groups where they shared their success and failures outside of their classroom. I’ve been friends with them for a long time, and often I’ll intro friends to them so that they will take special care of my friends.

    If you do sign up, look for Eugene and tell him I recommend you over. Start knowing the “insiders”. It’ll be good.

    Nevertheless, you’ll need lots of hard work and failures before you can succeed. Just don’t give up and keep moving forward. Do update me your process.


  5. Hi Vanson, thanks for the tips and advice, kind of you to share your experience. Believe you are referring to the 2 websites below. Will explore them and definitely contact Eugene when come across his name.


    From your sharing, understanding you have put in a fair amt of hard work even though you are not new to internet marketing. Hence for newbie like myself, prepared to put in more effort and time.

    Probably going to be tougher since need to strike a balance with 2 growing kids and aging parents. Nevertheless, going to put myself on the line by committing that will provide a truthful update here.

    Once again, thank you!

  6. Hey Vanson, as requested previously, doing a short update here. Have finally registered for a CPA course today. Definitely not that it is easy $$$, on the contrary think it is pretty competitive. Nevertheless, believe internet business is the way forward to work smart in the long run. Since Robert Kiyosaki said one has to keep failing to improve, then just do it :^)

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