Sweet April 2015

I’ve been really busy for the month of Apr to May. Things were going well for me, especially my online business. I’ll talked about it later.

Work is still taking 75% of my time. I love my job, and that’s why I’m still an employee. But right now, some circumstances changed, and I am seriously considering if I should pursue my business full time. Not really urgent, but decision has to be made someday. I guess it’s a good problem to have 🙂

As for my online business, it was doing quite ok for the month of Apr. I was able to hit USD20k for revenue. My ROI was close to 170%, which made my profits closed to SGD20k. Pretty sweet for someone who was doing part time.

 Ps: I’m not showing off my earnings. I can easily name 10-20 super affiliates earning way more than me. I’m trying to show my readers it’s definitely possible to make money online, part time, if you choose to.

How I Did It?

I do not consider myself successful or good, but I do have some tips to share on how to achieve this.

1. Mentor

I found this to be the most important factor. You could learn everything yourself by going through the forums, websites and ebooks, but nothing compariable to having a good mentor. You can shorten your path to success from a few years to a few months. Find a good mentor, follow exactly what he is doing and replicate.

2. Mastermind Group

Besides having a mentor, you need to have your own mastermind group, some like minded people who can work together with you. These people will be your inner circle, who’re willing to share their successes and failures with you. You will learn and progress faster from other people’s mistakes. 

Facebook is a good place to start finding. Seminars and previews are good too. Start finding yours.

3. Seminars

Last week, I attended Anthony Robbins’s seminar. It BLEW my mind! There were close to 6000 people, from 12 different countries. I met many friends there, shared our tips and experiences. If you asked me, it was totally priceless! 

I made a promise to myself – Attend at least a seminar every year. I need to keep improving myself, and seminars are good way to achieve it.

So how about you? How do you intend to change and upgrade your life? What are you doing right now to achieve it? Write down in the comments below. I’m very interested to hear from you 🙂


3 responses to “Sweet April 2015

  1. Hey Vanson, impressive results and inspiring! Curious about 2 things:

    1. Given that you have a full time job, how is a typical day like to achieve such results? Wondering whether you stay up late on weekdays or sacrifice some time during weekends.

    2. Have read books by Anthony Robbins and also some of his audio. Pretty useful and enlightening. Probably you have too. If this is the case, wondering how does the live seminar add value?


  2. Hi Ben,

    Yeah it’s tough, especially when my baby girl is still young, and requires lots of my attention. For initial start, yes, I work day and night. There’re no such thing called weekends. After my day job, my real work begins 🙂 But when you are enjoying it, it seems like playing game. Slowly when results come, you’ll be motivated to work even harder.

    I’ve read books, listening to podcasts and watch videos too. But nothing compare to attending a live seminar. The audiences are fun, with the exploding motivating music, it’s really an eye opener. But that’s for Anthony Robbins. I’ve been to other seminars, some are purely content based and you’ll feel mentally exhausted after that. As for Anthony Robbins’s, you’ll feel both physically and mentally drained, but totally enjoying it 🙂


  3. Wow, glad the hard work paid off. Not sure whether you would agree. Perhaps your prior exposure to other internet business like ebooks helps to bring forward your success to this level as well. Think there are probably some transferable skills which you are able to apply to your current online business.

    From what you described about the seminar, seem more like a concert, an experience definitely not quite available elsewhere!

    Thanks for sharing :^)

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