CPA Affiliate Marketing in Singapore

While I’m running my eBook businesses on Lulu, Kobo and Google Play, I decided to keep exploring new ways to make money online.

Recently while attending a seminar, I came to know a guy (Singaporean) doing Internet marketing as well. He is way more successful than me, already making millions online and he’s only 27! Of course, he is Ivan Ong.

His main core business is CPA marketing, and that’s something new to me. I’ve heard of CPA, but never really go deep into it.

The timing was just nice. I’m getting bored with my online businesses and eagerly seeking new sources of income. CPA … Perhaps I can try as well.

First of all, what’s CPA? It stands for Cost Per Action, which means you’ll get paid if your leads do something. The common actions are filling up forms, submit zip codes/emails, download an app/software, etc.

Once your leads competed the action, you’ll be paid. The best thing about CPA is, these actions usually don’t involved payment. They do not need to pay, and therefore the conversion rates are much higher. The bad point is the payment. 1 successful email submit payout can be as low as $1.20 only.

However, don’t think that this small amount is nothing. Imagine you can capture tons of leads per day, these small amount can add up to a huge sum.

So how am I going to tackle this? Right now, I’m still a newbie, and eagerly learning as much as possible. I’ve signed up for several CPA Networks, and was approved for 2 major networks:


So if you are new, and will like to try on CPA, get approved in these 2 networks first. Next post, I’ll share more how I’ll start doing CPA Marketing. As usual, I’ll share all my wins and losses, what I’m going to do, and what I’ve done that is not working. So stay on this blog.

For now, I’ve got to do my research now. Enjoy!


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