Check from GlobalTestMarket (Paid Survey Site)

I’ve recommended paid surveys several times in my blog as an alternative to earn extra money during your free time. Many people may not believe it, and therefore I’ve posted  a check from GlobalTestMarket, one of the paid survey companies I’ve registered. This proved that you are able to earn from Paid Survey in Singapore!

GlobalTestMarket Check

Many people tweeted and email me asking for help. They are in need of money. Some of them are stayed home mum, taking care of their babies and unable to work.

I’ve also told them the same thing. Making money online is easy if you have the knowledge how to do it. No matter which field are you in, you need knowledge to succeed, and that’s the fact of life.

So before anyone step into internet marketing, they can explore the options of earning through paid surveys. Even if you are in Singapore, you’ll still be able to earn. My check is the best proof.

Another good company I’m recommending is It’s exactly the same as GTM – earn money by filling up surveys.

So which one should you sign up? I suggest you sign up both. Why want to choose when you can earn from both worlds?

Go and sign up now. Then start doing surveys. You’ll see your earnings updated immediately. Once you hit the threshold, you can withdraw it out. You’ll never believe it’s true until you’ve taken your first pay check.

Do me a favor. Once you’ve received your first check, leave a comment below and let me know how you feel.

Happy surveying, and see ya!


2 responses to “Check from GlobalTestMarket (Paid Survey Site)

  1. Hi Vanson,
    How long did you wait to received your check from Globaltestmaket? I’ve requested cash out 4 months ago. But I haven’t received it.

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