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Books I’ve Read In 2013

Reading books is one of the enjoyable tasks I’ve set aside to do daily. I feel so accomplished when I’ve done with a book. Slowly, the list grows longer and longer. Looking back, I’ve read quite a number of books in 2013.

I’ll not mention the books I’ve listed previously. If you are interested in my ebook list, you can go:

Since July 13, I’ve read a total of 30 books + Magazines. My year end target for 2013 is 50. Let’s see if I can hit this target.

eBooks I’ve Read (Aug – Dec 13)

31. Maxim (Jul 13)

32. World War Z by Max Brooks

Totally different from the movie. It was written as if it already happened. More of a history book type where the survivors relate the incident from different country. Very unique angle to view the whole situation.

33. Sky & Telescope (Sept 13)

34. The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort

I read this ebook before the movie was out, and after watching the movie, I find that it’s more funny to read. There are a lot of scenes taken off from the movie. This book truly reflected how the super rich are leading a life where money is no longer an issue. Looking forward to read Part 2 in the near future.

35. Popular Science (Aug 13)

36. National Geographic Traveler (Jun 13)

37. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Another good, if not best book I’ve read. The stories for each chapters are very interesting, and keep me going. It’s not the usual stories I’ve read, and definitely allow my mind to open up and view the world differently now.

38. Mac Life (Nov 13)

39. The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook by Ben Mezrich

Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy reading books that make into movies. If you like The Social Network, you’ll like this book. It talks about how Mark Zuckerberg found Facebook, and I love the author. He managed to write in such interesting and exciting way I was like watching the movie again. Great book!

40. Apple Magazine (Nov 13)

41. iPad & iphone (Winter 13)

42. Apple Magazine (Oct 13)

43. Popular Science (Sept 13)

44. Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography by Sir Alex Ferguson

How can a Man Utd fan pass this book? He talked basically about everything – his winnings, his players, his failures and successes. You’ll get to know more about other players such as David Beckham, Roy Keane, etc … through this book.

45. Maxim (Sept 13)

46. National Geographic (May 13)

47. Iphone Life (Jan – Feb 14)

48. MacUser (Dec 13)

49. FHM Singapore (Dec 13)

50. Popular Science (Oct 13)

51. Bringing Down The House by Ben Mezrich

My 2nd book by Ben Mezrich. I’ve watched this movie (21) before, not knowing it came from this book. Totally exciting and inspiring! Talking about MIT students card counting and make millions of dollars. They are still doing it till this day!

52. Maxim India (Aug 13)

Wow! A total of 52 books and magazines! On average, I read 1 per week. Not bad for my busy schedule, especially after Vilena was born. I don’t really find it tiring, or a must. In fact, I read to keep myself relax, and I’ve mentioned on my twitter that ever since my businesses are on track, I can spend even more time reading.

So what about you? How much have you upgraded yourself in 2013? How many books have you read? If you’ve not started, don’t worry. Start reading your first book and work on it from there. Track every single book you’ve read. For me, I’ll take a snap shot of the cover and upload to my instagram page. Tracking becomes easy by simply checking your history posts.

Ok enough of saying. I’m going for a shower and do some light reading before bed. Good night!


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