My eBooks Income Report (Nov 2013)

I’ve not been updating my ebooks income report since July 2013, but that doesn’t mean I’ve gave up and not working on my business. As you know, Vilena was born and I spent lots of time playing with her. I’m still publishing ebooks every day and I’ll like to update my progress for the past 3 months on this post.

eBook Publishing Business

I’ve been sourcing and scouting for new business idea frequently, and at the start of 2013, I’ve found out that since most of the people are carrying smart devices such as iPhone/ iPad, etc … the chances of selling ebooks through iBookstore will be much higher, especially iPhone and iPad are here to stay, which means that eBooks sales will continue to boom.

Recently, Apple updated their latest Mac OS to Mavericks, and iBooks was included. This is a very good news for me. Now, not only users can purchase ebooks from their idevices, they are able to purchase directly from their MacBook! I’ll see how this update will impact my sales figure.

Number of eBooks Published in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov 2103

I’ll just go straight to the figures. These numbers will be the ebooks I’ve published successfully in Aug, Sept and Nov. I’ve set myself target to publish at least 1 ebook per day, and at least 30 ebooks per month. This is to keep my business growing and I’ll like to see how far I can bring this passive business to.

Aug 2013 – 32 eBooks Published
Sept 2013 – 26 eBooks Published
Oct 2013 – 63 eBooks Published
Nov 2013 – 47 eBooks Published

In these 4 months, I’ve published a total of 168 eBooks! I’m quite happy with the numbers, and of course, this comes with sweat and tears. I’ve to manage the contents, upload to the publishers, make the cover and track the sales. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying what I’m doing and that matter the most.

Number of eBooks Sold in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov 2013

This is the important part. With more ebooks, do my sales go up? So what do you think? Some of my early ebooks can be way down the pages, and readers may not be able to find anymore. With new ebooks published every month, I still manage to bring in a constant sales.

Aug 2013 – 537 eBooks Sold
Sept 2013 – 463 eBooks Sold
Oct 2013 – 541 eBooks Sold
Nov 2013 – 595 eBooks Sold

As I’ve mentioned, despite more ebooks, the sales figure has rather stay constant. I’m hoping to break the 600 barrier soon, and I need to think of ways to revive my early ebooks. Any ideas to share?

So in the last 4 months, I’ve sold a total of 2136 ebooks. Of course not every single sales are paid ebooks. Some are free ebooks I’ve giving away to my readers. This will explain the high sales figure.

eBooks Sale (Nov 13)So from the graph, you can see the ebook sales (blue bar) keeps raising slowly. I’m very happy with the consistent sale figures. With more ebook sales, my income increases as well (red line). I’ll break down the figure below.

Aug 2013 – $155.56
Sept 2013 – $221.15
Oct 2013 – $278.07
Nov 2013 – $411.47

Within 4 short months and consistent work, I managed to push my income from $155 to $411! Am I happy? Hell yes! This is what I’ve been wanting since I start this business – a constant, passive income.

Do remember, in Nov, I’ve traveled to Italy and spent 2 full weeks there, driving Ferrari and enjoying life, yet my income just keep raising even though I’m not working on it. Now I call this Passive Income!

My Goal in 2014

I’ve super happy with my income, especially when it break $400 barrier in Nov! Now I’m more pumped up and invest heavily in more quality ebooks. I’m trying to publish as many ebooks as possible. I want to bring this business further, and I know I need to explore new ways to do it.

My goal in 2014 is to try hitting $1k per month. Once I’ve reached that, I’ll feel very comfortable. In Singapore, I can do a lot with USD1k monthly! Can it be done? Well, I’m not too sure. All I know I’ve grown up during this year. I’ve gained lots of experiences and I’m hungry for more!

So what about you? What’s your plan in 2014? Have you start taking action? I’ll like to hear in the comments below! Merry Xmas!




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