Adventure In Rome

After my tired yet exciting day in Florence, we moved on to our next destination – Rome. I’m a huge fan of Spartacus series (currently watching season 4) and very eager to visit this 3000 years old ancient city.

Me and my gang took high speed train from Florence. It was only 2 stops away, yet took us around 1.5 hours. Upon reaching, we immediately snapped tons of photos, while moving towards the metro.

There were lots of people at Roma train station, and it was where our “real adventure” began …

While waiting for the train to arrive, my group of 5 were busying taking photos and chatting. All of us were very excited. Our day was fully planned and we had to rush in order to see more. By the end of the day, we would be going back to Venice.

The train fully arrived and just liked Singapore, every body pushed hard to squeeze in. We were trapped right in the middle, with people pushing us from behind. We just followed the crowd in.

Finally the train door closed and off it went. One of my friend suddenly looked at me and said “I lost my wallet!” Initially I thought he was joking as it was totally unexpected. Another friend who was besides us told us the same thing, “Mine was gone too!” My third friend touched his pocket and shouted “Same!”

We were totally stunned! 3 out of 5 people were pickpocket at the same time, without knowing! Out of the blue, someone touched my friend and pointed to the floor. His phone was lying there. He quickly picked it up and was very glad to recover it back. I guessed the pickpocket just interested in the money.

Once we reached our stop, we alighted and made police report. My friends had to call the credit card companies to deactivated every single card. What a memorable way to start our day!

Although it was impossible, we tried not to think about it and continue with our journey. We walked slowly, and along the way we joked about how we could prevent it from happening. I knew the moods were low, and the loss was huge. Nevertheless, we still reached one of our destination – the Colosseum.

The whole Colosseum was made of rocks, and part of it was already destroyed. Based on the story, Spartacus burned it down while rioting. Despite that, the Colosseum was still one of the grandest building ever built, and remembered, it was 3000 years ago!

Due to the time constraint, we could only see one more attraction, and we’ve decided to visit Vatican City.

Walking there took us around 1 hour, and in between we stopped by for lunch, and allowed our legs to rest. Vatican City was a place where pope lived, and currently, Pope Francis was there.

When I reached there, frankly I was slightly disappointed. I was expecting a huge and nice city, but it was plainly a big church with St Peter Square outside for the audience. The rest of the city was filled with garden. Maybe if we had the time, we would to get into the building to see the paintings, but we did not. We did not want to miss the train to Venice and therefore, we left early for the station.

On the train, everyone was relief. Rome was indeed beautiful with the ancient ruins and buildings, but we were still traumatized by what had happened earlier on. Maybe one day, we’ll come back with more caution, but right now, we did not want to step into Rome again.

So what about you? Any exciting experiences to share?


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