Maranello – Ferrari Factory and Florence Tour

During the past weekends, I’ve encountered one of the most amazing incident so far in Italy. Before that, let me bring you to Maranello, the Museum of Ferrari.

I’ve to admit Ferrari is one of my dream car ever since I’ve seen one during my younger days. However to be realistic, I know I don’t have the ability to own one, or maybe not yet 🙂

In order to fulfill my dream, my friends and I traveled to a small town called Maranello. This town is quiet and peaceful, roads are small and narrow, but the cars are fierce. It’s the factory of Ferrari!



Can you see how excited I am?

After the Ferrari tour, we proceed to Florence. To me, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The buildings and bridges are simply astonishing!

People said when you went Florence, you had to see David, the finest sculpture in the world. Too bad the real one is lying in the museum, but nevertheless, it’s still amazing.


We’ve ended our day with nice, big Florence steak. Wonderful day!



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