Milano – First City in Italy

My plane landed in Milan Airport, and I’ll be spending a night here. From the airport, I’ve hired a private van to send me to my Hotel – Michelangelo Hotel.

The car ride took me around 40 minutes. Along the way I could see the countryside, which I could never see in Singapore. The temperature was cold and the whole journey was very comfortable.

Some thing I’ve noticed about Milan was the Graffiti. It was everywhere, on almost everything piece of wall. The streets were dirty too, full of leaves and rubbish. My impression of Milan was a fine, modern city where designers were born and it should be a very high class city, but it was totally the opposite. The buildings were old, streets were dirty, giving me a sense of insecurity.


I’ve chosen Michelangelo Hotel because of the location. It was 3 min to Central Train Station, where I’ll take one high speed train to Venice the following day. Michelangelo Hotel was cosy, not very grand, nor magnificent. But the staff was friendly, and I must mentioned the breakfast was very nice.

Without further delay, after checking in to my hotel, off I went for a city visit. The first place I went was – San Siro Stadium. Being a soccer fan, this was one of the popular stadium in Italy, shared by 2 famous football team – Inter and AC Milan.

From the outside, the stadium did not look magnificent. I guessed the skills of the cameraman must be very good, giving me the impression the stadium was grand and huge.

The next place I went was Duomo. I’ve heard it’s where all designer brands are located. True indeed, the place was nice! There’s a famous Milan Cathedral there, and it was huge! The wall sculptures were simply amazing! I really wonder how much time and people had worked on this building to make it such an attraction.


If you’ve never been to Milan, I suggest you just stay a day or two, definitely not more. There’s nothing much in this city. Spend your time on other places.

Ok I’m preparing myself to my next destination – Venice. I’ll be spending a couples of days there. See you!


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