Journey To Italy

I’m writing this post right now with my iphone. Reason is simple – I have nothing better to do.

I’m taking SIA to Italy, and it’s closed to 13 hour flight. The previous time I took such long flight was my trip to Florida, a crazy 29 hour flight. However, flying with SIA is really different.

SIA is known for their world class flights and service. You’ll feel like a king, being treated as if you are a royalty. The food are pleasant and I just realized they have upgraded their entertainment sets.

The in-seat screen is much larger now, around the same size as my iPad mini and the thing I really like is the ability to charge my devices through USB port. SIA allows in- flight charging, where most other airlines don’t. This shows how sconfident SIA is with their flight electrical wiring system! They fear no risk of battery explosion or fire. Good job!

I still have a good 3 hours to go before touching down in Milan. I already miss my family, especially Vilena. The night before I flew off, she was still giggling and moving her hands and legs. She is so adorable!

This trip is mainly for business and I have serious stuff to settle. But of course I’ve packed holiday into it as well. Some of the cities I will be visiting will be:

– Milan
– Venice
– Florence
– Rome

As much as I miss my family, I’m pretty excited as well. This is my first time to Europe and I’m going to make my time well spent!

Watch out for my next few posts, I’ll take more photos for you. Enjoy!


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