Vilena Two Months Old

These two months were pretty tiring for me. Ever since Vilena was born, I hardly had time for myself. I meant it.

For those readers without baby yet, this is what you’ll get once you’ve a baby – sleepless nights! If you ask me one thing I truly miss after having a baby, I miss my beauty sleep, whole, undisturbed good sleep. Right now, my timing totally follow the routine of my girl. When she wakes up, I’m awake. When she wants milk, I’ll be there for her. After drinking, I’ll have to burp her (usually 1/2 hour). After that, I’ll have to steam her milk bottles, change her diapers. And the routine goes on again two hours later.

No doubt it was tiring, but it worth every single minute of my time. Watching Vilena grows up every day is truly a joy. I remembered the day she was born, and her cries awaken the whole hospital. Now, she was already two months old!

As much as I love my family, I’ll have to leave them for two weeks soon. I’ll be on business trip to … Italy! Yes, the place where I’ve been longing to go!

I’ll be there for a short two weeks, visiting probably some cities such as Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome. I’ll take some photos and I’ll try to blog my journey to Italy whenever possible.

So, have you been to Italy? Any places to interest to recommend? I’ll love to hear from you in the comments below.


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