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Get Your Website Rank Without Any Banklinks

While my baby girl – Vilena Tan was still sleeping, I tried to write up a post with my limited given time. I had finally understood why parents were always complaining about not having time for themselves. It was so true! One cry from baby and you had to drop whatever you were doing to attend to her. Princess girl!

Anyway, in June, about 3 months ago, I’ve created another niche site using Yes, it’s possible to use this free google blogging site and get ranked. Many people thought they had to buy a domain to get rank in Google. No doubt that it will work. However, you can rank equally well in Google with Blogger and other free sites if you know how.

Look At The Stats

As mentioned, I’ve created this brand new niche site using Blogger in June. I’ve pulled my traffic stats from June to July. Let’s see.

Site Stats 1

Not too shabby for a brand new site. And take note, I’ve not done any backlinking yet. I’m too lazy for that. I’ll just write some simple blog posts and let the site grows by itself. So most of my traffic comes from search engine.

More Stats

Frankly speaking, I do not know whether this site will grow or not. Non of us know. Google can just change their algorithm and everything changes over night. But 1 thing for sure, if you are doing white hat, using original contents, your site is there to stay.

Let’s see my stats all the way till today (5th Sept).

Site Stats 2This site basically grow very well. You can see I’m hitting around 100 UV per day, without doing any backlinking at all. All in all, I’ve written a total of 19 posts (last post on 17 Aug) and have not touch this site anymore. Yet this site is still growing everyday!

So where are all my traffic from? You can see from the stats below yourself.

Site Stats 3

Yes, all from Google! This proved that Google can rank any sites, provided they have good and unique contents, even without any backlinks! But is it really that simple? Of course there are other things to take note of. Interested? Continue reading …

Reason For My Site To Rank Without Any Backlinks

The main reasons for my site to rank high (still growing), with just 19 posts and 0 backlinks is because of Keyword Research! Yes, that simple.

Many people think that backlinks are the most important factor to rank in Google. I can only agree that backlinking is only one of the most important factor. To me, keyword research IS the most important point to your internet marketing success.

First of all, it’s MUCH easier to rank in a non-competitive niche. A good keyword research can lead you to success much much faster with less or no efforts!

You can totally ignore backlinks, guest posting, social media marketing, etc … All you have to do is to focus on creating ok content. Yes, ok content, not great content will be enough. Reason is simple, there’s not much competition at all. Whatever you write will stick on Google.

So remember. Whether your site can earn, or rank solely depend on how well you do your keyword research. Do you agree? You can write in the comments below.



My Baby Girl Is Born

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. It’s because I’m busy with my family. My wife was due for delivery in Sept, and we were both busy preparing for our first born.

There were so many things to prepare in advance, such as buying baby cot, stroller, milk bottles, breast pump, etc … The list can basically goes on and on. Before the baby arrived, we were reading as much baby books and magazines as possible. We knew that once our baby came, we would hardly had any time for ourselves anymore.

About a month before the due date, we cleaned our baby room, washed the clothes, packed the bottles and prepared everything in advance. We did not want to panic, just in case the baby came earlier.

Water Bag Burst

My wife and I were preparing to sleep on 1/9. I was dead tired as I usually woke up around 630am for work. I still remember the time was around 1130pm when I was finally on bed. Thank god I was able to sleep finally. At 1150pm, my wife woke me up. “My water bag had burst!” My wife screamed.

I jumped out of bed immediately, checked on her and grabbed our bag. Off to hospital we went!

At Mt. Alvernia

We went straight into the emergency labor room. The nurses helped us with everything. Basically I just follow what they said. I was still in the shock. After moving into the delivery room, things started to settle down. I thought the baby would be out immediately, but I was wrong. The nurses just told us to wait for the contraction and they told us we would have to wait around another 12 hours!

I could do nothing but to wait patiently. Luckily the room was clean and nice, with a cosy sofa bed for me to rest. I jumped on it and tried to grab as much sleep as possible.



Prepared For Delivery

Time passed slowly, ticking every second. We were waiting, my wife was in so much pain that we decided to take epidural to ease her pain. Many people said there were side effects, but pretty harmless. The pain was too much for her to take and the decision was easy to make – take the epidural!

As miracle as it sounded, after 20 minutes, the pain was completely gone! She could even watch TV, ate biscuits and chatted with me! The decision was definitely right one. We had regretted not taking immediately, suffered for the past 7-8 hours.

The gynea came, and told us it was time to deliver. This was the moment. The head nurse prepared for everything, and taught my wife how to push. The timing was critical too. Pushing at the wrong time did not help, she should push at the start of contraction.

To make things short, my wife pushed for an hour plus without any success. The gynea checked and told us the pelvic bone was too tight for the baby to come out. We had to go for caesarean immediately!

Caesarean Birth

On the way to the surgery room, my wife looked very pale. She was exhausted and now she had to go though caesarean. It was a shock for her. But we did not have much time to lose. I dressed up and went in to the surgery suite with her. I knew she needed me now.

The process was rather fast. I was there to witness the whole process. My wife was on epidural, but fully awake. The nurses had covered up the view from my wife so she did not know what was happening.

The scene was scary, the gynea cut her open, torn open her skin to take out the baby. My wife was shaking, but not painful. After about 30 min, we finally heard the cry of the baby, our baby girl!


Vilena Tan, our new member

She was such a beautiful girl, and healthy. My wife was weak after the operation. I followed the baby to the infant room, and waited for my wife to be back. I felt that I was the happiest man at that moment, with my newly arrived daughter. Nothing could describe that feeling. I just knew that I would do whatever I could to give my family the best possible life, and I had to work extra work now.
1 more mouth to feed. She worth every effort of mine. She’s my princess, my whole world now!


Now, I was in hospital with my wife. Vilena was sleeping. I felt completed. I had a family. Life is wonderful!