My Readings So Far (Apr – Aug 13)

One of my biggest hobby is to read. You can see my previous post about how I set goals early of the year to read a minimum of 30 books. Well, from my previous post, I’ve read 15 books since Apr, and well on target to hit or even exceed my goal.

Most, of in fact all of my readings are digital. The main reason is ebooks are easily accessible and I’m able to carry multiple ebooks inside my iPad mini easily. I enjoy switching different ebooks at different time of the day, or example, early in the morning while I was commuting to work, I tend to read business/financial eBook to put my sleepy brain into action.

After work, I’ll usually read some fiction ebook to cool down my overworked brain. At night, I’ll do some simple reading that never fail to knock me to sleep after a long day.

Ebooks I’ve Read (Apr – Aug 13)

This time, I’m going to do things slightly differently. I’m going to review the ebooks I’ve read, giving you an insides of what these eBooks are. Hopefully, you’ll pick up your copy and read as well.

I’m going to continue from where I end previously.  Therefore I’ll start with:

16. Quitter by Jon Acuff.

I love Jon. His writing is clean and sharp to the point. This book talks about the things you really need to think through before taking any actions. Are you ready to quit, really?

17. FHM South Africa (Feb 13)

18. Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic

This book talked about faith and Christianity. Nick had an amazing life, and he contribution his success to God. He mentioned some of the amazing stories he had been through and indeed, you have to read to believe. It’s simply amazing.

19. National Geographic (Jul 12)

20. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

This book is for all the ladies whom seek fame and power. Sheryl, the COO of Facebook, who worked previously in Google, shared her life and success as a career woman, as well as a mother and wife. She’s a sweet and amazing woman!

21. National Geographic (Jan 2013)

22. Fatherhood The Truth by Marcus Berkmann

Time to read up about parenting and fatherhood, ready for my new baby girl. This book is funny. I really wonder how the author lives and looks like. The way he wrote this book, seems like sharing his life stories with us. A pleasant read.

23. Think Like Zuck by Ekaterina Walter

It just happened that I read Lean In before this, and got to know quite a bit how Facebook ran their business. This book talked mostly about Mark, and Sheryl was mentioned several times as well. It’s a good book allowing us to see how Zuck had this “Hacker” mentality to think out of the box. Interesting!

24. Maxim (Jan 12)

25. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

I liked to read after watching a nice movie, but not for this book. I promised myself to finish reading the book before watching the show. The words just flow. You have to finish the book to see the twist behind. Till now, I’ve yet to watch the movie yet 🙂

26. National Geographic (Apr 2013)

27. Popular Science (Jul 13)

28. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

The best book I’ve read in 2013. I don’t really expect much from this book, except recommendations from my friends. I picked up and read a few pages. Wow! It simply change my mind. The author uses stories as example to share his Habit Concept with us. There are many examples about how habits are formed, from personal to organizations to society. A must read for me!

29. Wired Magazine (UK Edition) – Aug 13

30. Maxim (India) – Jul 13

Wow! I’ve already hit 30 books, and it’s only August now! You can see how boring my life is. I basically read everyday, whenever I’m free. I try not to waste time staring at the stars, or daydream. I’ll read.

So what about you? How many books/magazines have you read so far? Let me know in the comments below.



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