Paid Surveys Earnings (July 13)

Some times back, I’ve ventured into Paid Surveys, looking to start another source of income online. Frankly speaking, I’ve not much experience in this, but eager to test it out. With the results, I’ll be able to share with my readers my progress with the paid survey sites.

I’ve started doing Paid Surveys around May 13, to prove that Paid Surveys in Singapore works! During that time, I have no confident in this project. But hack cares, I’ve got nothing to lose. Even if it doesn’t work out as plan, I’ll just share my updates and call it a day.

My Progress After 2 Months

It’s not really very long, and frankly, I’ve not done much surveys. Within these 2 months, I’ve been quite slack in this project as I’m more focused on my ebook projects. I need to put more attention to this 🙂

I’ll break down several Paid Survey Site and talk about it.



This is my first paid survey site. After I’ve joined, I’ll be able to do some surveys and earn immediately. Right now after 2 months, I’ve managed to earn $9.30. It’s considered small amount, but nevertheless, I’ve not spend much effort on it. You can try CashCrate to have a head starts.


GlobalTestMarketAnother reliable source of income. GlobalTestMarket has made me the most money so far. As you can see from the picture above, I’ve accumulated over 2,300 points. Every 1,000 points enable me to exchange for USD$50 cash. I’m earning more than USD$100 till now. Sweet!


IpollNot as much earning as GlobalTestMarket, but they all add up. Every single paid survey site is important. The trick is to register for a few and whack their surveys whenever available. Till now, I’ve made USD$17.16 from iPoll.


TolunaToluna is a local Singapore paid survey site. Most of the surveys are for local companies such as Singtel, Starhub, SIA, etc … It’s based on points system, similar to GlobalTestMarket. From the picture above, I’ve made over 24,000 points. Wow! Unfortunately, every 20,000 points entitles to only $10. So I’ve made $10 from Toluna. Better than nothing 🙂

There are other sites I’m still reviewing. At least, I know these 4 sites enables me to earn real cash. Some sites can earn more, while the rest are small. Nevertheless, the trick is to do whatever we have. It all add up.

Future Plan

I’m going to be serious in this stream of income, at least I must be more consistent. On top of that, I’ll try to find more survey sites to test. If there are better ones, I’ll just put at my blog for my readers to try too.

So what about you? Have you try any paid surveys yet? Care to share your site with us?


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