Clickbank and Affiliate Marketing Checks (July 13)

Recently, I’m more pumped up into affiliate marketing. I’m more focus and fully make good use of my available time to do something useful, such as creating a new stream of eBooks income, as well as testing out my new Paid Surveys income.  Maybe it’s because of my coming soon precious daughter who will arrive on Earth somewhere in Sept. Me and my wife are so excited now 🙂

Anyway, my main focus is still on Clickbank. Many forums are saying Clickbank is dead. No one will buy any more ebooks, or digital products from them. It’s way past the prime. However to me, my websites are still making passive income from Clickbank, month after month, without doing any job.

The point I want to share across is – don’t listen to the negative. It’s about you, and your action. If you never step up to do something, nothing will be done. I spent years building my websites. I have lots of ups and downs during these periods. Even now, I faced lots of difficulties and obstructions daily. It’s the mentality of fighting back, never give up and pursue what we believe in.

These checks are not for showing off. It’s nothing great at all. But it’s a kind of motivation that I’ll see every month, pushing my beyond my limits. I hope to share with my readers that I’m just a normal employee, who’s making a side income during the weekends. If I can, you can too 🙂

Affiliate Check 1 – $100

Affiliate CheckThis is a new site that I’m promoting recently. Just started and good to see income starts coming in. I hope to see more in near future.

Affiliate Check 2 – $1304.42

Clickbank 1My usual Clickbank check. Trust me, Clickbank is one of the best place you can promote. The payouts are on time. I’ve been using them for many years.

Affiliate Check 3 – $1579.54

Clickbank 2Another Clickbank check. I’ve multiple accounts in Clickbank, to reduce the risk.  Like I’ve mentioned previously, it’s definitely possible to earn some passive income while having a full time job. All you need is to know how to do it, and just take action!

So what about you? Have you start earning some side income? I’ll like to hear from you. Just share with me what you are doing on top of your job to earn extra? See ya!


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