Contribution To My Town

Have you ever notice some things that are not good enough, and stand there complaining how it should be done, or corrected? Well, I’ve done that plenty of times (typical Singaporean). However, I’ve not really take any actions besides complaining to my family/ friends/ pets.

Recently when I moved to Jurong West, I started noticing some areas that can be improved. This time, I decided to do something about it. I wanted to take action to improve my neighborhood. At the mean time, I was curious what actions will be taken, or my suggestions would be totally ignored.

I’ve decided to write in for 2 items:

  • Flooding at a badminton court areas whenever it rains,
  • Inaccessibility near Jurong Point.

After taking some photos, I emailed to my Town Council (West Coast), hopefully they would do something about it.

Some days later, I received an email, saying


Not bad, at least I had a reply from the Town Council. The disappointing thing was despite West Coast Town Council already knew about the flooding, they did not take any action. The reason given was the ongoing repair and maintenance works there.

Regarding my second feedback about the walkway, they’ve forwarded to Jurong Point Management. Well, that’s it, or that’s what I thought, until recently …..

The Change

I was quite surprised to notice a change recently when I was crossing the road. Part of the pathway was sealed up. I walked closer and to my surprise, it was the upgrading I’ve suggested! Jurong Point Management actually listened and took action!

Pathway Initial 1

I was very happy about it and patiently waited for the upgrading to be completed. Before, you have to walk along the ramp to go up/down. Now, it’ll just take you 2 second to walk up the stairs. I’m so happy to see many people using the stairs. I’ve even overheard people saying this steps really save them a lot of time and hassle!

Stairs 1Stairs 3

The Future

I’m still waiting for the Town Council, or government to do something about the flooding. I hope my neighborhood will change for the better and keep on improving. So what about you? Have you feedback on anything and any action taken so far? Let me know in the comments below.


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