What To Get For Father’s Day?

While father’s day is just around the corner, you may be thinking what to get for your father. If my father is still around, I’ll definitely repay his love with presents. I myself is going to be a father soon, and I already can feel the heat. It’s tough!

I’m an iDevices freak and also will be. Therefore the presents will closely link with either iPad or iPhone.

Libratone Zipp Wifi Wireless Speaker

Nothing’s cooler than blasting music wirelessly. Airplay is nothing new, especially when iOS7 is the talk of the town. However, many people are still slow in getting a set of wireless speaker. Time to jump in.

If you want, you must get Libratone Zipp Wifi Speaker. It’s a 60W stereo speaker that uses FullRoom Technology and DSP optimization to work. It has a large 4 inches bass with 2, 1 inche tweeters to boost the music to the maximum!

The speaker can easily last up till 8 hours wirelessly. After that, you can just plug in to your iDevices and directly play from there. It works both with or without Wifi. The pullback is the price – $399. It pays to be cool!

Netatmo Urban Weather Station

This stuff is crazy, having your very own weather station inside your house! If you like to monitor air temperature, humidity, Co2, air quality, etc .. this is for you.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station will track real time and the data is stored online. You can access with your iphone/ipad anytime you want to retrieve the data. It’s for science freak!

Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

Who doesn’t like Evernote? I simply love it to death. It’s virtually my notebook and I carry it everywhere I go without having to worry about missing my documents.

However, at times, I do have to sketch and draw. I know there’s an app for that – Skitch. But I do miss the pencil and paper days. Evernote again think ahead and come out with Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook.

Not only you can write and draw on the paper, the layout with dotted lines are designed for Evernote camera. Your image will be digitally clean and searchable. Perfect for working dads like me! Having Evernote as a physical notebook is fun!

With these ideas, this year’s Father’s day will be a breeze for you. Select what you want and get it online. Order it quick before next year’s Father’s day arrive!


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