My iPad Mini Problems

In my previous blog post, I’ve mentioned the good and bad points of my iPad 1, and the desire to get myself an iPad mini as I like the weight and size. Finally after searching for many weeks, I’ve finally found a used iPad mini at the right price.

I’ll be using this iPad mini mainly for reading, both for ebooks and magazines such as National Geographic, and initially I just want a basic 16Gb device, but after searching, and considering a while, I decided to get a 32Gb one, as I’m a gamer too. Some good iPad games can be as big as over 1Gb, and therefore 16Gb is not feasible for me. I do not want to complain about not having enough disk space later.

At apple store (in Singapore), a 16Gb iPad mini cost $448, and a 32Gb cost $578. To fork out close to $600 for another iPad, it’s quite painful for me. So I thought of getting a used, or second hand one. I’ve been searching through forums, ebay, and other buy/sell websites for several weeks. Not much people are selling their iPad mini. Even if they do, most of the people are selling either 16Gb or 64Gb. I’m not sure why.

Finally, one fine day, I came across a seller willing to let go of his 3 month old 32Gb iPad mini. I contacted him immediately and able to purchase it end of the day. He was willing to sell me at $430! It was a snatch, even cheaper than a 16Gb model!

After work, I rushed down to meet him and true enough, he was there with the iPad mini. The transaction took less than 10 minutes and next thing I knew, I was off to purchase a new screen protector and a good iPad mini case to protect my previous new toy!

Problem Number 1

When I was back home, I quickly hook up my new iPad mini to my laptop. Eagerly waiting for my iTunes to appear, nothing happened! (I knew things wouldn’t go so smoothly!) I unplugged and plugged in the lightning cable several times but my laptop only detect the ipad mini as a camera. The common window box appeared, but unable to sync with iTunes.

“Cool, cool,” I told myself. I hated this kind of thing, but I knew somethings were unavoidable. So I plugged in my iPhone. It worked! It was able to sync nicely with iTunes. Next, I plugged in my iPad and it did the same. So things were normal, but I wasn’t sure why my iPad just couldn’t sync.

I tried to google for solution but couldn’t find any. There were many people facing similar issue, such as with their iPod Touch. “This should be a common problem.” I thought to myself. I called my brother, who was another Apple fan and he told me to delete the backup of my iPad and iPhone. Sometimes it could cause this problem. I did as instructed but still, nothing happened to my iPad mini. I was deverstated!

I’ve searched the internet and there were several solutions to my problem. I’ve tried them but none helped. Nevertheless, these solutions (for PC) did help many people and if you were facing the same issue, you could try:

Check 1: Go to your Control panel and under “Add or Remove programs” you should see Apple Mobile Device Support.

Check 2: Go to your Control panel, Administrative Tools, Services, you should see Apple Mobile Device. Stop the device, then Start it back again. When you right click and select properties, Start Up Type should be Automatic.

Check 3: Right click on “My Computer”, under “Properties”, go to “Hardware” and “Device Manager”. Under “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, you should see Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.

Missing iPad Driver

That’s my problem. I could not find my driver for my iPad mini. I tried with Iphone and it appeared. Enough was enough. I decided to call Apple hotline (1800-My-Apple) and to my surprise, after just 2 rings, the Apple representitive picked up the phone. I told him my issue and he told me to follow several steps to uninstall iTunes, and all Apple related programs.

Initially, I tried to just uninstall and reinstall back iTunes, but it did not help. I decided to follow his steps and after about 30 minutes of painful waiting, I plugged in my iPad mini and walla! The screen I’ve been waiting for appeared! These are the steps you MUST follow through:

Go to Control Panel and remove the following software, then restart your computer:

  1. iTunes
  2. QuickTime
  3. Apple Software Update
  4. Apple Mobile Device Support
  5. Bonjour
  6. Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)

After removing all components, restart your computer and reinstall the latest version of iTunes.  I suggest you immediately do this step once if your iDevices cannot sync.

The whole issue was the missing driver. Perhaps even updating my iTunes to the latest version doesn’t help to install the driver. We have to uninstall and reinstall the whole iTunes for it to work. And don’t worry about your songs, podcasts or movies. They will still be safe inside your harddisk. No data will be lost.

Problem Number 2

Just when I thought I could enjoy my new iPad mini with all my podcasts and apps, another problem surfaced. This time, it was a much bigger issue. At night, before I sleep, I have the habit of charging all my devices so that they will be fully charged the next day. At about 4am in the morning, loud explosion happened just besides me.

I got a fright and jumped out of bed. My iPad mini charger exploded, causing my whole house power to trip. I’ve to reset my circuit breaker in the middle of the night and burnt smell was everywhere. I was thinking why all these happened at the same time! I was so tired! After checking, my charger and lightning cable was burned.

IMG_2701IMG_2699 iPad Mini Charger Burnt

The next morning, I called back my seller and asked if the charger was original. It was. “How could this happened then?” I asked. He had no idea and frankly speaking, it wasn’t his fault either. However, he felt responsible for all these happennings and decided to give me another charge with cable. What a nice guy! He told me that he had many Apple products, so he did not mind giving me.

I met him that evening and he passed me the items. Because of this incident, we became closer and chat a lot about Apple. I still love Apple products and love my iPad mini. I’m using it and it’s great. So do you have similar experience? I’ll like to hear! Share with me through the comments below.


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