I Want iPad Mini

This post is more relaxing, talking about my hobbies and favorite pastime. I’m a workaholic, never doubt that. But nevertheless, I still need to have my own time for entertainment and leisure. If you keep stretching a rubber band, no matter how tough it is, it’ll break one day. I’ve been through that before, where I worked basically 16 hours a day and eventually I was worn out. I was totally sick of my day job. I was scared to go back home as I knew at that time it was the beginning of another work, which was my business.

My wake up call was when my girlfriend (my wife now) told me that I did not spend enough time with her. I did not prioritize her in my life and finally, when I was about to lose her, I realized money was something additional to benefit our lives, not being control by it.

I let go all my businesses, and strangely, my earnings did not dip. I was able to maintain my earnings while working less than half the time spent. I knew the power of passive income, but that was the first time I truly felt it.

I decided to slow down my pace, spent more time with my family and wife. I have time for myself to do the things I enjoy (besides making money) and life is good. I’ve came to a stage where I start to leverage on my fruits which I’ve planted for many years. This feeling is nice. However, I am still finding new ways to make money. I’ve slowed down, but I will not stop. That’s my passion!

Thing I Truly Enjoy

If you ask me 1 thing I really like to do during my free time, I can tell you it’s reading. I wasn’t sure since when I took up reading as my number 1 hobby, but over the years, I spent more and more time reading. I can really get myself lost in books, as if I’m watching a movie inside my brain.

I tend to read everywhere I go, queuing up at food court, traveling inside MRT, lying on my couch, etc… I just make time to read. I also make the transition of reading from physical books to digital ebooks. I purchased my kindle keyboard and downloaded tons of ebooks from Amazon. I like the feelings that I will never be bored with my kindle around. It is really a fantastic device, and I strongly urge you to get one if you like reading ebooks.

However, 1 bad thing about kindle is that it can’t, or not convenient to read RSS feeds. I subscribed to lots of feeds to push to me. I want the most updated news in order to keep up with the market. I’m a trader, an investor and I welcome news more than anything else. I have to read my RSS feeds separately on my iPad 1. When I’m going out, I have to carry 2 devices (excluding my iphone) which after 1 year, I realize I’ve lost 10kg. Eventually, 2 months ago, I decided to let go of my kindle. I read all my ebooks (ePub, Mobi, Pdf) from my iPad 1, and of course my RSS feeds as well.

iPad 1 Biggest Disadvantage

If you are a user of iPad 1, the biggest complain you’ll have is – the weight! iPad 1 is freakly heavy, over 700grams! With my casing, my iPad 1 is closed to 1 kg! I can’t hold my iPad with 1 hand for long. If you don’t believe me, try reading with 1 hand. I bet you can’t hold for 5 min!

My arms felt so tired each time I was reading inside MRT. 1 hand usually hold on to the bar, the other hand holding my iPad. After a while, I just couldn’t take it. I’ll keep my iPad and read from my iPhone instead. It’s too heavy for reading.

I’ve been doing my research. iPad 2, 3, 4 all weigh around 600 grams, slightly lighter than iPad 1, but the best reading device I find now is the iPad Mini! It works totally like iPad 3 with the weight of over 300 grams only! iPad mini totally kills it off! The only drawback is the price. I’m planning to get a 2nd hand iPad mini if the price is right. Anyone wants to sell me?

My Favorite Apps

Once a while, I’ll like to talk about my favorite apps, apps I’ve checked, reviewed and used myself. I only recommend the apps that I find really good at the current market. Below are some of the apps I’m using right now:

Google Maps

Ever since Apple kills itself in its own game, Google is the leader when comes to map. I often find myself pulling out this app when I’m navigating places. You can find the place you are looking for, your current location and just follow the map to get there. You’ll never get lost!


Perhaps the biggest free news app you can find. Flipboard provides you with any news you want, from business to politics to sports. You can link your Twitter/ Facebook accounts and read your updates from there. You have to download Flipboard!


My RSS reader. Newsify sync with Google Reader (which will cease soon) and brings your feeds beautifully. The layout is quite similar to Flipboard. You can sync your RSS feeds and read it offline, which is the biggest reason I’m using it. I hope Newsify will continue its services when Google pulls away Google Reader.


This app is simple. It’s job is to track all my spending. You can create groups such as Family, My Friends, Outings, Meals, etc … and track your spending every time you pull out a dollar.

Day One

This is for me. Day one is a diary when I can talk to myself. Some of the sensitive topics I’ll like to remember can be saved inside Day One. It’ll sync with your Apple account and you can download all your content with any Apple devices. I can write with my iPad and read from my iPhone. Convenient!


This is the latest app I’m using. I’m finding myself getting more and more unfit. This app basically allows me to form a hobby. I can start a task, or hobby and tracks it daily. Currently, I’ve started “50 Push Ups” and “50 Sit Ups” daily. I think I’m going to kill myself.

Well, these are some of the common apps I’m using. What about you? Do you have anything interesting to share? Let me know in the comments below. See ya!



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