Learning Extra Income Through Legit Paid Surveys in Singapore

If you are my regular blog reader, you will know that I’ve created several streams of passive income, and yes, I’m living in Singapore and it’s possible that Singaporean can earn some extra cash while working full time.
I like my job. I get to enjoy chatting and having fun with my friends at work. I love the challenges I will encounter, and the fulfilling feelings when I’m able to solve these problems. Many people advise me that I should go full time with my own businesses. But I have second thoughts on that. I can work on my businesses anytime I want. I’ve gone through the good times when my earnings were 5 digits, and bad times when my accounts were terminated. I want a stable job and not really going into the riches. I want to know that my family can have something to eat and somewhere to live for the next month.
There are many pros and cons when you are working for yourself. There will always be risk and you must be prepared to lose everything overnight. I’ve encountered this many times and numbed to it. I have adsense earning me over thousands per month, and lost it overnight due to some unknown reason.
However, apart from my usual Clickbank, ebooks, trading, etc …. streams of income, I enjoy “working” on another type which is totally risk free. This source of income can be done anywhere in the world. It’s very convenient and you can earn during your leisure time. Are there anything like this? Yes, and I’ve been doing it for many years. It’s called paid surveys.
What Are Paid Surveys?
Do you remember times when you are walking along the street and suddenly, someone approached you to do a survey? Major companies are engaging these survey companies to conduct market research on the topics they want. When you fill up a survey form on the street, that guy who handed you the form will earn a small token on money, vary from $1-$10 per completed survey. That’s how they earn.
These survey companies are moving online. Instead of engaging people to grab people on the street, they are sending out surveys to subscribers who wants to help. These people (like me) will do the surveys and after completion, we’ll be paid! The amount depends on the length of the survey. The longer, the larger amount we can earn!
Why Companies Want To Pay Us?
Big brands, such as Singtel, Coca Cola, Nike, Samsung, etc … are desperate to find out what the general market wants. They don’t mind spending tons of money on market research, and after collecting these data, they can create their products to suit these niche of people.
In fact, reports have proved that if you do a good market research, the success rate of your product will be multiple times higher! Therefore, instead of just whacking on any ideas, these companies will laser focus on the market and give them what they want.
How Paid Surveys Work?
Like any other websites, you just have to register an account with the company. Once your registration is successful, you’ll be able to receive notifications through emails telling you that there’s a new survey waiting for you. Do remember, usually only qualified surveys will be paid, however, some generous companies do pay you a small token of appreciation for participating in their surveys. Qualified surveys cater to the needs of the paying companies that they want to research on.
For example:
Company A wants to find out what’s the most popular smartphone nowadays for male teenagers age 15-21 living in Singapore. So, to qualify, you have to be a male, age between 15-21, living in Singapore and holding a smartphone. Half the time, you will not be qualify for the surveys, but do not feel disappointed, there’s always another one waiting for you.
Who Can Qualify To Do Paid Surveys?
Everyone! Basically I’ve signed up for a dozen of paid surveys sites to email me as frequently as possible. When I’m traveling in MRT or waiting for my wife to shop, I’ll just check my emails for any new surveys. Yes, I’m a good time management person 🙂 There are many paid surveys companies targeting just a geolocation audience. But don’t worry, I’ve made some money doing paid surveys in Singapore, and it’s real!
Paid Surveys A Scam?
This is the most common question I received. Even my close friends do not believe there’s such a thing. Haha, there are so many ways to make money, just that you have to broaden your minds. Yes, there are some companies that do not pay you even though you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount, but these companies will not stay for long. You can try out one or two companies first. If you feel comfortable, just sign up more. Anyway, you have nothing to lose, don’t you?
Proof of Earnings from Paid Surveys
Well, as you can see from my previous post, I’ll try to show some proof of my earnings. Not to show off, but rather to proof to my readers that it’s possible to make a second income while having a full time job. And there are many ways to go about it. I’ll continue to find and test new ways which allow me and my readers to earn some extra income. Who knows, maybe one day I decided to make a full time income online.
I’ve joined many survey sites many years ago, and quite active about it. But along the years, I’m more focus on my other internet businesses and totally forget about them. One of these sites is GlobalTestMarket. When I logged in recently, I found that I still have 1905 points. I was quite excited as this newly found wealth comes at the right time – enough to motivate me to find more paid survey sites!
But how much does 1905 points worth? I’m not sure too. I’ve checked their FAQ but there wasn’t any post mentioning it. I decided to email GTM and checked with them. This is the reply I get:
Can you believe it! 1000 points = USD$50. I almost hit USD$100 and I totally forget about it. Lucky I checked back all my accounts.
Another survey earning proof I’m going to show is lesser than GTM. However, it’s another reliable site you can trust. I’ve just joined this site – ipoll and just 1 night, my earnings are:
Amazing right? You have to try to believe!
So, What’s The Game Plan?
If you just want to kill some time and make some money, paid surveys is definitely the way to go. It’s risk free and you can earn anywhere you want in the world, even when you are on holiday! I’m definitely going to squeeze as much juice out of it as possible, making it another experiment, then track my earnings as usual.
I’m going to find as many legit sites as possible that allow me to do the surveys in Singapore. After that, I’m going to study more about these surveys, the frequency and probably have a list of companies sorting from highest paid to the lowest. If you want to earn some extra cash to buy an ipad mini, start registering these few sites below:
2. GlobalTestMarket.com
3. iPoll.com
4. sg.toluna.com
6. Spidermetrix7. sg.ipanelonline.com
There are many other sites, but I have not test them and therefore unwilling to release these sites yet. Nevertheless, the 7 sites can keep you busy for a while. Just wait for my next update for more paid survey sites. If you want to know more, you can always follow me on Twitter. I just realized my twitter list is going to past 8000 followers! Thanks for all my loyal followers who have been through good and bad days with me. I really appreciate that!

So do you have some good paid survey sites to share? Do leave a comment telling me about it. See ya!


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