Fitbit Flex Wristband for Tracking Your Fitness Goals

Technology has improved so fast that people can are able to track and measure almost everything, from loudness of sound to brightness of the TV, etc …. Alright, these examples are lamed, I know. I’s 6:54am and I am still in my sleepy mode.

When I saw this device, first impression that came to my mind was – I Want This! I’m a person who likes to measure and track things, especially performance. When you are in business, you have to track, your sales, expenses, revenue, etc … After a while, tracking becomes part of your life.


Fitbit Flex Wristband is not for tracking your expenses. It’s for people who likes to exercise. This beautiful wristband is is using Bluetooth to pair with your idevices, more commonly use for iphone.

From the start when your on Fitbit Flex, it’ll start tracking the number of steps you’ve walked, distance traveled, and automatically calculate the calories burned during these period. It even can show how many minutes are intense cardio activities and normal cardio activities.

Not only that, this amazing wristband can also track how your sleep. Numbers of times you woke up per night and it also served as an vibrating alarm so your partner would not be disturbed. It just serve as a personal trainer to suit your life!

Once you’ve purchased it, you can download the free app to your iphone and start tracking your daily activities. The graphs and charts will be plotted automatically. With 1 look, you’ll be able to tell if you’ve bit your fitness goal for that week.

I should say, I do like this amazing device. The good point is, even if I do not work out, I’m still able to track my body performance, and if I have enough good rest at night. The vibrating alarm is definitely a plus point. However, Fitbit Flex works only with iPhone 4S and 5 only. So if you are a workout freak, I suggest you get one today!


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