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My Updates and New Member

So far, life’s pretty good for me. I’ve been living the life I’m longing for, doing the work I enjoy and moving towards the direction I want. There are many things I’ve planned to achieve by end of this year, and rightfully, I’m still on course to complete them. Each month, I’ve to self reflect where am I, and how can I move forward faster, with Tim Ferriss’s 80% rule – achieve the highest possible (80%) work done with the shortest time and move on to the next task. This will be able to accelerate your goals completion at lightning speed.


First of all, about my work. I’m getting used to my new working environment, the pace and the people. Things are wonderful here. Colleagues and bosses are friendly and reasonable. Everyone works intelligently and I’m able to pick up new skills here.

I can see there are many things that need to be done over here, and hopefully with my contribution, problems will be able to settle fast. I still enjoy working under big corporate, as there are many smart people for me to learn. Most importantly, I have many good friends here that I can chat and share laughter with.

Niche Site

Next is my niche site. Previously I’ve mentioned I’ll re-do my Solar Energy Blog, remove every single the posts, and publish brand new, self-written articles. I want to revive this long dying blog and it’ll be one of my case study. I’ll keep posting new posts once a while, without and backlinks and marketing. I want to see how long it’ll take Google to pick up this blog, start ranking it through its long tailed keywords. Hopefully I do not have to wait too long.

Currently, while I’m writing this post, I’ve published 5 blog posts already. Traffic is still very thin. Not much traffic from Google. I’m going to add another 5 posts and see the difference. Wait for my updates.

eBooks Sales

As you know, I’ve started writing ebooks and self published on I’m aggressively adding new ebooks to the store and hope to establish another stream of income here. I know ebooks is going to the next big thing, with record sales of tablets. I cannot let go this market.

I’m hunting lots of freelancers to write ebooks for me. I’ll be the editor and published under my name after going through what they’ve written. Usually it’ll be a fast read, simple editing and ready to go live. It’ll allow me to work on multiple projects concurrently, rolling back the earnings on these freelancers.

As my ebook income goes higher, I’ll hire more and the process repeats. I’m targeting 50 ebooks by this year end.

Pricing of the ebooks is very tricky. Too high, no one will buy. Too low, people will think your ebook’s not up to standard. I do not have a perfect formula yet. Have to go back to basic A/B Testing to get the optimal price for my ebooks. Currently, I’m listing at $1.99 per ebook. Recently, I’ve launched $3.99 ebooks to test. Wait for my updates.

Below are the sales and earnings from my ebooks in Mar 13. Not bad, consider it’s just the beginning. Oh, btw, I’m testing some ebooks at $0. That explains why so many ebooks are being download in Mar.

Lulu eBooks Sales Mar 13

Clickbank Earnings

I have love and hate feelings when come to clickbank. The sales can go up 1 week, and drop to 0 the next. Usually when businesses are established, the fluctuation will not be so great. However for clickbank, sales can sky rocket this week, and suddenly nothing the next.

Many people wrote in forums complaining it was clickbank’s fault. Some even accused clickbank of stealing the sales. However, I believe clickbank is well established, and they will not jeopardized their business for this small profits.

These are the screen shots from one of my clickbank accounts. So if you are having this issue as well, do drop me a comment.

Clickbank 0 Sales Clickbank Daily Sales

Books I’ve Read

At the beginning of 2013, I’ve set target of reading 30 books/ magazines in this year. I do not want to pull any excuses of not having enough time, and therefore, this target is quite reasonable. I do not limit myself just to books as magazines can open our eyes from any angle. Anyway I love magazines 🙂

I’ve taken screen shots of books I’ve read in Instagram. If you are using, just follow me on Instagram.

Anyway these are the books I’ve read so far:

  1. Fifty Shades Darker
  2. The Millioniaire Fastlane
  3. The Luxury of Less
  4. Internet Marketing Magazine (Oct 12)
  5. The Sagas
  6. Screw It, Let’s Do It
  7. The Millionaire Next Door
  8. National Geographic Traveler (May 12)
  9. Guns
  10. Proof of Heaven
  11. Aspire (Mar 13)
  12. FHM Singapore (Mar 13)
  13. Strategic Dividend Investor
  14. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  15. Fifty Shades Freed

Wow, half way through. Anyway I really enjoy reading, so this is one target I’m quite confident of hitting.

New Member Soon

No, I’m not recruiting new people for my business. I’m going to be a proud father soon. Yes, my precious wife is having my baby girl! By the time I’m writing this, my wife’s coming to 5 month’s pregnant.

Baby 4 Months

This is our first baby and we are very excited about it. Eager to welcome our new member to this family. Delivery is expected to be in Sept. Now I just have to wait patiently till then. Guess after that I’ll be super busy, day and night. But it’s definitely worth it.

So how’s your life? I’ll be glad to listen. Do write in the comments below. If you like to chat with me, just follow me on Twitter. See ya!