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Attempt To Re-Rank My Niche Site

One of the sad or scary thing that can happen to internet marketer is the disappearance of your site from Google ranking. You have devoted lots of sweat and time into your site, doing proper backlinking and you see your “baby” growing every week. However, due to some circumstances, Google updated their algorithm and you lost everything overnight. Your site isn’t ranking anymore, or worst still, totally disappear from Google.
If you have been doing internet marketing, this is not a new thing to you. Lots of well known marketers have their adsense account banned, sites losing ranking and earnings dropped to basically zero. This can be a scary thing as it can happen to anyone. Google is famous for updating their algorithm frequently and without any warnings, your site is hit!
Luckily for me, internet business is not my full time job. I have a nice 8-5pm job and I do not depend solely on my business, though internet marketing does contribute a major part of my income. And therefore I continue to tweak my sites to boost my income.
Me, of course couldn’t escape from Google’s claw. One of my site lost its ranking overnight. I’ve submitted over 80 blog posts (over 600 words each) to this particular niche and it was nowhere to be found. Luckily, this site isn’t banned by Google and therefore possible to climb back. The problem is – I do not know how.
I guess no one in the world really know how to recover from Google Panda or Penguin. There may be some success stories. But no one can confirm their methods work. I’ve tried to find as many relevant topics about recovery, but not much information are there. So I decided to experience myself.
My blog – is totally out of Google’s game. You can try googling yourself. I purposely select this long-tail keyword so if I do things correctly, I’ll be able to get my ranking back fast. However, I’m not sure if the EMD (Exact Match Domain) penalty will hit me. Nevertheless, I’ll still like to try.
This site has been with me for over 2 years. I had seen it grew, and die off. As much as I wanted to save it, I did not know what to do at that time and basically just left it aside. No traffic, no money. Until recently, I read an article about building niche sites, it reignited my fire and I wanted to rebuilt this site.
So what will I do? This is solely based on my experience and observations. I may not rank high or may even ban by Google. Anyway this is the plan:
  • Backup all my current posts – I do not want to lose my posts, especially I’ve put so much efforts writing them.
  • Delete everything – This is to start fresh. A brand new blog with the advantage of a 2 year old domain.
  • Ping Google – Allow google spiders to know this blog has been updated to .. nothing. Hopefully this will remove all penalty by Google.
  • Main Landing Page – I made a mistake previously. I did not have a main landing page for my visitors. And therefore the blog couldn’t rank high for its basic keyword. I’m going to have it massive, probably 2000 words page. I’ll discuss my method later.
  • 5-10 Blog Posts Per Month – I’m going to do it slowly. I’ll release smaller posts (600 words), targeting different keywords per month.
  • Backlinking – I’m still thinking whether shall I go ahead with this step. I know backlinking is important, but many blogs are killed off by this. There are blogs ranking high without much backlinks. I’ll see about it later.
With this plan in mind, I’ll start my action soon. I really hope I can at least see some improvements, which will benefits my readers. This will be a long journey. In the end, there may not be any changes at all. Nevertheless, I’m excited about it and I’ll update my progress along the way, be it successful, or it’s a total failure.
Let’s hope everything goes smoothly! Update you again!