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Luna Sea – End Of The Dream Singapore Concert 2013

Being a visual rock fan since young, I’ve been following several Japanese Rock bands for many years. One of my favorite band is Luna Sea, making up of Inoran, J, Shinya, Sugizo and Ryuichi.

The band was formed and spotted in the early 1986s by another popular rock band leader (X Japan) – Yoshiki, who composed the theme song for Golden Globe 2013. From then on, J-Rock stormed the whole world.
At the peak of their career, Luna Sea decided to disband in 2000 in order to pursue their own lives. The day was a sad day for every fans as good rock music will be discontinued. People are going into RnB, Rap nowadays. Things are pretty quiet for the next 10 years until Dec 2012, Luna Sea announced they would be performing an Asia tour concert – End of The Dream, in Singapore!
This is indeed the biggest news in Rock industry! Every major newspapers covered this piece of news and the date was fixed on 8th Feb 2013. Singapore will be their last stop.
Tickets started selling in Dec and on the launched day, I bought the costliest seat, $241! Nothing is going to stop me from fulfilling once in a lifetime dream! The venue was set at the new Star Theatre.
Luna Sea Facebook page – SLAVES was very active, reporting every movement of the heavenly band, covering basically all aspects. Fans in Singapore were participating in chats, nominating their favorite songs. I was able to get every piece of information from there. Good job!
Finally the day arrived. Excitement was already building up to the peak, ready to be exploded. When I reached the Star Theater, tons of SLAVES were already there, all dressed in black, singing and queuing up to enter the concert hall.
At 730pm, sound engineers and technicians did their final testing on the instruments. 8pm sharp, Luna Sea entered! Screams showered the whole hall. Fans rushed forward. Hands pumped high in the air. The atmosphere was fantastic! I couldn’t help myself but to rock together with the music.
Despite language barrier, Luna Sea was able to bring the atmosphere up. Not a single minute was boring. They played songs after songs, from band songs to solo. Sugizo played his violin, J teased the crowd, Inoran received cheers from fans …
The songs they played:
End of Sorrow
True Blue
The End of the Dream
Bass solo
Drum Solo
I For You

As high as we were, enjoying every second, the concert suddenly ended. I thought they went in and would be back for encore. The fans waited, but to our disappointment, only the sound technicians came out to dismantle the cables from the amplifiers. This showed that Luna Sea would not be playing anymore.
Although it was sad, I could not denied this was one of the best concert I ever went to. Luna Sea was really experienced and professional. I am waiting for their new album, and perhaps, they will come back and give us another 5 star performance!