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Some Recent Clickbank And Amazon Checks

One of the best feelings in the world is to receive your passive income, through checks. As you know, I’m a regular Internet Marketer, making some passive income using internet. The great thing about it is, I do not have to worry about my housing mortgage, or my day job. I’m able to survive purely from the internet alone!

If you are my regular reader, you’ll know that I have my Adsense account banned this year, which of course lower my monthly passive income. I therefore shifted my focus to totally ads-free, pure product-based earnings. Though my income had dropped tremendously, I still have a decent amount monthly. I’ll show you some of my pay checks from Amazon and Clickbank. I’ll keep the rest secrets first 🙂

PS: this is not to show off, but rather proving anyone can do it, even if you are in Singapore, you can make a nice passive income online. Remember, all the amounts are in USD. Sweet!

If you are interested in making some passive income as well, just buzz me at Twitter!

Amazon Check (Dec) Clickbank Check (Nov) Clickbank Check (Oct) Clickbank Check (Dec)