What iOS Accessories To Buy For Your Kids

Christmas is just around the corner, a period when kids are the happiest and parents are full of headache. It’s gift time and parents are not sure what to get for their kids this year. Since most of the children already got their iPads and iPods the previous year, why not get them some iOS accessories?

My previous posts already highlight some of the toughest iPad Mini Case, iPhone 5 wallet Case, and lots of iOS accessories. If that’s not enough, no worries, I’ll review some more accessories just for kids.

If you haven’t get a tough case for your iPad, you may worry that your child may drop and damage your precious iPad. Why not get a X-Doria Widge to protect your iPad from damages? It provides a kid-proof layer of protection, made of soft, squishy rubber and super light weight!

X-Doria Widge

With a large wedge protruding from the back, it’s a perfect case to lay the iPad on the table and keep your child entertained for hours! The kids definitely like the build-in carrying handle with the fat corners for their little fingers to carry.

X-Doria Widge is compatible with iPad 2 onwards. You can get it from Amazon.com.

Sometimes, kids like to play their favourite music and videos over and over again, which really irritate me, especially when I’m trying to do my work. However, I can’t remove their iPads, else matter will go out of hand. One good solution is to get them a pair of Kidz Gear Headphones.

If your children do not like earphones, and they’ll keep dropping out, just get them a pair of over-the-head headphones. Not only the headphones look funny on their little heads, these kids headphone offer protection that prevent the volume from going to the maximum, that may lead to serious harm to the ears.

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

These headphones are designed for children age 2-12 years old. The best feature about this headphone is that it limits the maximum volume to 80%. It’s very light weight and you can have no worries when your children are wearing them. Keep them on and you’ll find your peace of mind.

The next gift is perhaps the cutest Christmas present you can get. These Electric Friends Speaker Dock will match any idevices in your home. There are 4 friends for you to choose from – Chew Chew (dog), Ki Ki (cat), Sing Sing (panda), and Kwack Kwack (duck). If you don’t like headphones, why not get a speaker dock that will sing and speak to your kids. Just attach your iPod to this dock and have it tell story to your kids and they will simply sit down there for hours listening to the stories by their new friends.


Volumes can be adjusted from the ears and they can be operated by batteries, which mean you can bring these little friends out too!

Lastly, you can get a family game for this Christmas. Furby is great for solo, as well as family game. It works perfectly well with iPad and currently comes with 4 different iOS games.


Each game is a trivia contest and each question has 2 different answers to choose from. The loser will be the one who loses all their tokens. This game is designed to train your kids in a gamely way, which makes learning fun! If you want your kids to learn, get this Duo Plink for them today!


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