How Can I Earn Extra Money From My Blog

My previous post – How To Blog In Singapore had drawn lots of attentions. I’ve received several emails asking me if it’s really possible to earn from blogs. If yes, how can they do it?

Most of the emails come from Singapore and Malaysia and most of them are moms. I guess these moms are trying to find a way to earn extra income from home since the living standard in Singapore and Malaysia are rising too fast. Sole breadwinner doesn’t work in our era anymore.

Back to the question, can blog really make money? Well there are many ways to look at it. Let me roughly explain the whole concept.

Blogs started off when individuals using it as online diary. Instead of hiding their daily lives, these people were very opened in their lives, and gladly shared where they went, what they ate, who they were who, etc … Because most of the people are born busybody, these blogs tend to attract lots of attention, especially blogs from celebrities. The fans just can’t get enough of them.

After blogging started to get popular, everybody from age 8 to 80 had their own blog. They wrote about their lives and share the things they liked. Through sharing, marketing started.

Smart bloggers like John Chow saw the opportunity to make a living through blogging, and he did it so well that he became a superstar. (Well, if you are earning over $40,000 a month, you are a superstar as well)!

John Chow wrote many interesting things about his life, and he enjoyed traveling and food. This really captured many readers including me to follow his blog. His blog was simple and easy to read, not technical and very friendly. Sometimes, he would share how he got rich through blogging and that was the main pulling factor for people to keep reading his blog. Making money from blogging is thus … born.

People started to have more than 1 blog to earn even more. Instead of writing about their lives, they started to do niche blogging – which mean they wrote blog posts about certain topics like Quit Smoking, Fishes, Golf, Feng Shui, etc ….

Through these specific blogs, the bloggers published very detailed information for their readers and sometimes, they would recommend solutions to their problems.

For example, a Quit Smoking blog teaches people how to quit smoking in 7 days. The blogger will provide lots of information on how to do it, and eventually he recommends an ebook that promise his readers they can quit smoking easily within 7 days. Guess what, tons of readers will get this ebook as they are very targeted. Almost 100% of the readers are smokers who wants to quit smoking. That’s the power of niche blogs.

So basically these are the 2 ways to start a blog, either to write about your personal life and market something interesting, or write a niche blog to target a specific product. Can you earn? Of course you can!

If you have read my other post about how much reading I’m doing daily, you will know I really spend a lot of time on books and blogs. If you just want 1 advise on how to make money from blogging, I’ll suggest you read, from Problogger.

If you don’t know who Darren Rowse is, you are perhaps new to blogging. Darren started a blog called Problogger and it was very successful. In fact, it is such a big hit that he hardly write any more post. Most of the blog posts are from guest posting. But do not think these guest posts are of low quality, they are filtered after waves and waves of elimination. Only the best posts can appear on ProBlogger. Reason is simple, there are just too many readers.

Darren himself is a very simple and humble man. Most of the time, he’s sharing with his readers how to build a better blog within 30 days, things to look out for when you just start your blog, how to blog about your business to attract more customers and lots of other tips.

Through his tips, many people benefited and save several years of trail and errors. I dare to say I’m one of them. In fact, I was so pumped up to make more money through blogging that I purchased all of his ebooks. And these ebooks are gold! They basically taught me tons of things I would never have learnt from any other places. Until now, I’ve successfully started over 20 blogs, earning me a nice passive income day after day.

So if you really interested to start a blog in Singapore or Malaysia or any other parts of the world and earn passive income from it, I really suggest you follow Darren’s blog (and mine of course). Read more, and learn more. Post more interesting topics that will interest your readers and you are half way there!

Have you started your blog? I’m interested to check it out. Just drop me a comment below and let me know how you are doing. Blog out!


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