Tourist Hot Spot in Singapore – Bugis

Habits never change. When you get used to something, it’ll bind you again and again in your life. As they say “Leopards never change its spots.”

One of my habits, or hobby rather, is to scroll and roam around meaninglessly. Usually I do not plan what to do, or where to go. I’ll just carry my “toys” with me and off I go. Sometimes, I’ll just go somewhere nearby, pull out my iPad and drink some coffee, while other times I’ll take the train and plan my destination based on my mood.

It’s some kind of de-stressing method and proven useful for me. I’ll forget everything and just let myself lost in the crowd. Sometimes I’ll act stupid and dress like a tourist, wearing a cap, sunglasses and carrying a bag with a camera in hand. I don’t care what happen and just keep snapping photos along my way.

Destinations are usually different, but at times I’ll like to go back to some of my favorite spots. One of them is actually Bugis.

There are many happening things in Bugis. First of all, a huge Bugis Junction is right outside Bugis Mrt Station. I can rest and relax over there. Previously I’ll like to drink coffee (Starbucks), do some reading, working (my websites) and watching the crowd, but I’ve stopped this hobby. I realize many people are watching me if I took the seat too long. Many people are waiting for seats. This makes me uneasy and therefore I seldom bring my work out nowadays.

I like to move around now. Nearby Bugis Junction is a very popular and famous temple – Si Ma Lu. My parents brought me here since the day I was born and till this day, this temple popularity still keep rising. Perhaps it is because Guan Yin (God of Mercy) answers to most of the pleads. That’s what people want right? No matter what, I’m a firm believer and my life is smooth sailing to this very day, so it must be true.

Along the way to this famous Guan Yin Temple, there are many small road stalls. You can catch some street performers during the weekends. If you are touring in Singapore, don’t miss this place. Go and pray for good luck, marriage, wealth, whatever you want. It’s free anyway.

After praying, I’ll walk over to Sim Lim Square for some window shopping. Sim Lim Square is perhaps the best place to get electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers in Singapore for Singaporeans only. Reason is because they sell same things at different prices.

If the sellers talk to you and know you are Singaporean, will will give you more or less an honest price, provided you do a bit of homework and bargain a bit. For foreigners, it’s like a fat cow waiting to be slaughtered. I ever encountered a seller selling iphone 1 for over $2.5k to Ang Mo (foreigner)! Therefore I suggest if you are a tourist, do not go Sim Lim Square, go Funan instead. Their prices are fixed and still low compare to the market.

I like steamboat as well. Just opposite Intercontinental Hotel is a long stretch of steamboat shops. I’ll usually have my dinner with my wife over there once a while. Cost is quite reasonable at less than $20 per person. Yes, it’s eat all you can buffet!

If you are walking back to Bugis Junction, don’t forget to walk from the Bugis Street. It’s a street selling lots of cheap stuff, ranging from T-Shirts to bags to watches. You can grab something back as a souvenir for your friends. Cheap and good!

This post is meant for friends from overseas. I hope you can have an idea about Bugis in Singapore. If you want to know more, do add me in Twitter and we’ll tweets ok? Happy touring!


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