iPhone 5 Wallet Card Case

Some people like to travel light, and I’m one of them. My current pockets are already full with daily necessities, such as keys, wallet, iPhone. I downsize my wallet recently to card holder as I do not like to stuff my wallet behind my pocket. Still I’m looking for solution to downsize further.

I’m glad to come across this useful 2 in 1 case. It serves as an iPhone 5 case, and able to double up as a built in wallet. This iPhone 5 card case can hold up to 3 credit cards and cash! For light travelers, this is indeed the best solution!

This case is made from soft touch rubber, with a protective front screen bezel that fully protect the iPhone facing down. Worry about the size of this holder? Worry no more. This card case is very slim, measuring less than 4.5mm.

This case is made just for iPhone 5, and therefore designed to work with lighting connector. Users do not have to remove the case if they want to sync or charge their iPhone.

This Q case is made by CM4, comes with 1 year warranty and is available in 4 colors – red, black, green and brown. If you light to combine your card holder with iPhone, this Q case is a must for you!


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