The Toughest Ipad Mini Case

iDevices never fail to attract manufacturers to improve their accessories. It was proven for years, with the toughest iPhone cases to the latest iPad mini case. This time, it is by OtterBox, with their most popular series – the Defender Series.

The iPad mini case looks exactly like the bigger iPad casing, with three layers of protection.

  • A hard polycarbonate inner layer,
  • A durable silicon outer layer,
  • Build in screen protector.

Not only the case is tough, the weight is another plus point. It feels pleasant to hold the small tablet in your hand, and it feels very natural. OtterBox did a very good job to keep the case super light.

With the case on, holding your beloved iPad mini isn’t a problem. You still can hold and read your favorite ebooks, or watch your favorite movies with one hand.

If you that this OtterBox case just protect the surface of your tablet, look again. There are silicon flaps around all buttons and ports to prevent water splashing, except for the build in speakers. This is to allow you to have the best quality when it comes to music.

The screen protector is a big bonus. After some intense and heavy usage for a few days, the screen protector was proven not to cut down any clarity or color of the iPad mini screen. You still get the best resolution from the screen.

Included in this case is a combination of shield and stand. The stand clips on the front of the idevice to provide double protection. Once detached, the stand can be setup to use in either typing mode, or movie watching mode. It’s up to you.

So if you want to really protect your new iPad mini and allows it to function for years, I suggest you get this toughest iPad mini case. You can purchase it from OtterBox website, however if you get it from, you can cut a $10 off. Get yours today!


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