2nd Charity Work at AWWA

One of the most fulfilling works I’ve done recently was the charity work at GEHA. It really opened up my eyes to the poor old people, all depending on themselves. Luckily, GEHA – Geylang East Home of the
Aged accepts them and they are living happily there.

Another major charity is AWWA – Asian Women’s Welfare Association. It is situated near Ang Mo Kio Mrt Station, around 10 min walk. Initially I thought the place was small, similar to GEHA, but I was wrong. AWWA occupied the first 4 stories of a HDB flat, taking in over 120 old folks!

The place looks just like normal HDB flat. There’s an office and medical service at Level 1. Level 2 will be the kitchen, together with the old folks who have difficulties in their movement. This is to facilitate their accessibility to the kitchen daily.

Level 3 is the entertainment room. They have a large Karaoke room with all the mics and amps there. The folks can pass their time by singing and dancing. They will have their usual afternoon tea there as well. Opposite the entertainment room is AWWA management office. There are around 5 people managing this place, together with a few nurses.

The rest of level 3 will be staying by the old folks. Same for the whole level 4. Level 5 onwards will be normal residents.

This time round, because of the huge numbers of people, I’ve gathered more volunteers (around 16) to be involved. On the actual day, when all the volunteers reached around 430pm, we went up and had chit chat with the folks first. They were pretty excited to see us coming. Some of them were sitting at
the void deck, some were strolling around, some were already blasting music inside the entertainment room, singing and enjoying themselves.

The food arrived right on time, closed to 5pm. While preparing for the serving, some of my friends suggested that we bought some durians for the old people as many of them had not taste durians in their lives. We pooled some money and spilt the team up.

Some went to buy durians. Another group prepared the goodies bags, which consists of biscuits, chocolates, drink, coffee, etc … The last group were in charge of the food. It was a good thing we had called many volunteers, each handling a small part.

At 530pm sharp, the nurse rang the dinner bell and the old folks queued up outside the kitchen. A total of 8 people were inside the kitchen preparing the food. Some in charge of muslim food, some vegetarian food, while the rest just handled the dishes. Things flowed smoothly. After serving, we quickly packed
the left over and left them there, just in case some of the old people were hungry at night.

Right after the dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and proceed to the entertainment room. We had some kueys for them. The folks accepted the kueys happily, and coffee was served concurrently. The karaoke session began round 2.

With the singing on-going, the rest of the volunteers started to bring out the birthday cakes. There were a total of 9 birthday guys and gals in November. We gathered all of them in front and sang birthday songs in different languages. It was fun. After that, cake was served. Durian was served concurrently. We made sure all the old folks had their stomach full to the max.

After the durian session, the old people were tired. They went back to their respective rooms to rest. We cleaned the entertainment room, helped out with the tables and chairs and thank everyone supporting this meaningful event.

After the whole charity work, I was exhausted, but happy. I felt peaceful, maybe because I did something good. These AWWA residents enjoyed 1 more happy day in their lives, which really meant a lot to them. Despite there wasn’t much people to care for them anymore, AWWA and the volunteers tried to make them feel home, and as comfortable as possible.

I’m waiting for the next charity work. So what about you? Are you interested as well? Let me know in the comments below.


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