The thinnest Ipad 4 Keyboard Cover

I had a keyboard dock for my iPad 1. However I never bring it out as it was big and bulky, nevertheless, super heavy! I had to remove my iPad cover before it could fit nicely into the dock, which made it nothing but a white elephant.

Since then, I had resisted to most iPad keyboard cases, and only interested in those with Bluetooth capability. Recently Logitech, one of the largest PC accessories makers came out with an amazing piece of accessory – Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. This can be considered the world’s slimmest iPad keyboard cover ever, with a mere 8mm thick. How can anything goes thinner than this!

This Logitech keyboard case serves two functions, with one side serving as a keyboard that face the iPad, and the back side serves as a cover. This cover clings to the side of the tablet with a magnetic hinge, just like Apple’s Smart Covers. The keyboard is Bluetooth powered, and a single charge can last up to 6

Typing using this keyboard is indeed a joy, and very comfortable. I tried playing around with it and it made my typing fast and smooth. However 1 bad thing about this keyboard is … it is compatible with iPad 2 and above. My iPad 1 isn’t supported.

So if you want a world thinnest iPad keyboard case, you can find at It comes with red and white edition. Let me know how you feel after using this ultra thin keyboard in the comments below.


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