Worried About Your Pet Goes Missing?

Many people love their pets more than anything else. In fact, one of my cousins is a pet freak. She has two dogs and pampers them more than anything else. She even renovates a room just for her dogs. Sometimes, I think these dogs are more fortunate than her husband.

They get to eat the best food, enjoy daily strolls and their main job is to please my cousin. She is so attached to them that she creates Facebook account for her dogs. She will take daily photos of them and their activities.

One of her problems is when she brings her dogs out, she will let them run freely. Often her dogs will return upon hearing her call, but once a while, they will go missing. She has to hunt them high and low, which makes her very worry.

Luckily, there’s Tagg Pet Tracker, a new device for iOS device user. This device has a small tracker than any pet owner can fix on their pet’s collar, and with the help of GPS and cell capabilities, the tracker will monitor the pet’s whereabouts.

If the pet ever leave a designated compound, the tracker will electrocute the pet alert the owner via an iOS app call Companion iOS. Through this app, the owner is able to know their pet’s exact location and even directions how to get there.

Not only that, Tagg Pet Tracker has another useful function. It serves as an exercise app to see how active/lazy your pet is.

You can get Tagg Pet Tracker from Amazon.com and get it ships to you.

PS: Ladies, you can use this to track your husband’s location too.


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