The Coolest iPad Mini Keyboard Case On Market

While many people (including me) are still debating whether to get the latest iPad mini for their Christmas present, Belkin, one of the world biggest iDevices accessories maker comes out with the coolest iPad mini keyboard case.


This portable iPad mini keyboard case smartly fixes a removable keyboard to a folio case, all in one package.

The keyboard runs via Bluetooth, therefore no visible wirings will be seen. What’s more amazing is the battery life. Belkin claims the battery life of this cool gadget can last up to 155 hours, which makes it close to 7 days continuous usage with a single charge!

Most of the functions can be controlled by the keyboard, including short cut functions to control the audio and video. With keyboard being removable, the carrying case can fold flat with the iPad mini, making it easy to store and carry.

This carrying case is really handy for travelers and people who travel light. They can basically edit their documents on the go, as well as do what I’m doing right now – blogging. If you are always mobile, it’s advisable to protect your iPad mini with this cool case. It’s as if you are carrying your computer with you

This cool iPad mini keyboard case can be ordered from Belkin website, however it’s better to get it from for fast delivery. Beat the crowd, get it now!


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