Listening To Podcast In Singapore

Reading books is not the only way to improve and upgrade yourself. Though I like to read books or ebooks nowadays, I’ve found another way that can keep myself occupied at all times, that is – listening to Podcast.

Strangely enough, many people, especially Singapore, are holding on to iPhone, iPad or iPod. How do I know? When you are taking MRT or buses, look around you. Are most of the people using Apple’s devices? At least I know half my friends are using. But what make things even stranger is, not much people know about podcast!

Admit it, you’ve heard of podcast, but not really sure what it is. Let me tell you. Podcast is one of the best invention Apple has brought to the world. And the best thing is, it’s free! You can get it anywhere you want, even if you are living in Singapore like me!

So what exactly is podcast? Let me explain to you. Podcast, is of course named after iPod. Apple wants iPod to be even more popular in older days and created a platform where anyone can broadcast their voices in iTunes, anywhere in the world!

To me, podcasting is just like blogging. You simply record what you want to say, or if you are more professional, you can interview people and upload your podcast to Apple itunes. In this way, anyone in the world can download and listen to your podcast. Slowly, podcasting becomes a marketing tool, where big companies such as America Public Media, Discovery News, Animal Planet, etc … are having their own podcast.

So I Do I Get These Podcast?

After learning what podcast means, you may want to try downloading some yourself. First of all, you need to have one of Apple’s devices, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. Next go to your iTunes from your computer and on the left hand side, click on iTunes Store.

From iTunes Store, you just go to Podcast from the top menu.

And that’s it. All the available podcast are here. You can download either audio or video podcast, and just plug in your idevices, it’ll automatically sync to them!

Take your time to browse the topics you like. There are tons of interesting podcast you can’t finish listening or watching. If you think these podcast are boring, just simply change your country to United States, or Australia, or any other countries in the world and you can access to their itunes Store! Don’t restrict yourself to just Singapore iTunes Store.

Below are some of the podcast I’m listening and really like. These podcast are updated frequently and I have the habit of listening to them while jogging, or traveling on MRT, buses and even during walking. During the short period where reading is impossible, I’ll plug in my earphones and let the words flow inside my ear bud! Try it! You will not feel bored anymore!

Ok do check out these podcast. I’ve sorted them according to interest


Apple and Iphone





These are some of the podcast I’ve subscribed. There are tons more. So what are some of the interesting podcast you’ve find? Care to share with me in the comments below?


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