How To Blog In Singapore

Many Singaporeans are bloggers like me. Just do a simple search and you can find tons of Singaporean bloggers blogging about their lives and earning money from their blogs. Most of the time, these bloggers are earning through adsense. This is perhaps the simplest way to get their online businesses started.

If you are living in Singapore, or any parts of the world and interested to make a living online as well, you should get started like … now. It’s not as hard as you think. Getting started is easy, the tough part is to keep your business moving and the toughest part is to think of ways to keep increasing your income.

First of all, for most of the people especially Singaporeans, you are either studying or working full time. In Singapore, you can’t live without money. Government will not feed you. You have to depend on yourself for the rest of your life. However, it’s easy to start your businesses in Singapore, especially online businesses. That’s why most of the working young adults can make extra money through trading, or online. I choose both.

The best part of having an online business is freedom. For me, I’m a normal, Singaporean working full time. I’ve passion and some free time to spare after work, and decided to invest in building my blogs. All you need is to register a hosting company and that’s it! The rest is pretty straight forward. The hosting company will guide you through how to setup your WordPress blog and you are ready to go.

After having your own blog, you can pretty much do whatever you want. If you want to blog about your life (like this blog), you can do it. If you want to talk about your hobbies such as games, fishing, cars, golf, etc … you can write in your blog too. Some of my advices:

  • Write as frequently as possible.
  • Provide interesting content, preferably no one has written before.
  • Your post should not be too short, preferably more than 600 words.
  • Always know what you are writing. Have a topic. This is mainly for SEO purpose.

After setting up your blog and finally delivered your first post, congrats, you have a business! Don’t look down on your small little blog. All big A-star bloggers started with their small blogs. Their secret to make it successful is to keep providing good contents to feed their audience.

Imagine this, if you write a post for your blog 3 times a week, you have 3 x 52 = 156 posts a year! These posts are working for you 24×7 non stop, even when you sleep. How far your blog posts can reach your audience depends on what you write and how you write it. As I mentioned previously, you need to have as unique content as possible to attract new readers to come in, and subscribe to your blog.

With your readers growing, you are able to market them basically anything. For example if you enjoy using a very good and productive program such as Dropbox, you can just write about it. Once your readers read about your post, they will know about dropbox and probably sign up. This is a win-win situation as your readers will benefit from this useful program, and you will get some rewards for referring someone to them.

The key thing is to get started. Once you’ve setup your blog successfully, you just have to keep the momentum. Start playing around with your wordpress and soon, you’ll have a feel how blogging works. Start tracking your visitors as well using google analytics. This is the best free analytic tool you can find and you’ll ever need. Your main job is to increase your daily visitors.

Before I going deep, I suggest you check out this video. This person lives very near to us (Malaysia) and he’s making money online too! Look at his earnings and I’m sure you’ll be impressed! Give yourself a chance to break out of the working rat race and move to a dot com lifestyle.


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