Buying Rolex In Singapore

Coming to the end of 2012, I realized I’ve been working really hard for the past 11 months and I was glad everything went smoothly. I managed to get a better paying job with normal office hour (which was my target at the start of the year). In this way, I can spend more time doing my own stuff, such as blogging and internet marketing.

Since I’ve purchased my flat and my business went smoothly, together with my new job, I decided to pamper myself this year. I can’t remember the last time I purchased something I liked. The last expensive item I bought was my 64G iPad 1 I guessed. That was 3 years ago!

I’m always a sucker for branded stuff. Since young, I was addicted to buying branded clothes, belts, shoes, sunglasses, bags, etc … I thought money came easily and spent without thinking. I stopped this habit when I began working full time. That was after graduation. I realized I had to wait 30 days before my pay check came. This feeling was terrible, in fact so terrible that I wanted to get paid daily. That’s the reason why I started my online businesses.

Anyway, this time, I decided to get something that I had been aiming for a while – a Rolex watch.  Since young, I thought only the richest businessman could afford Rolex. It symbolized status and wealth and been my long term goal of owning one. While I was in the mood of buying, I quickly did some researches online.

Buying brand new Rolex watches is easy. Just go to Hourglass or any Rolex boutique and you can have a wide range of watches for you to choose. However, after seeking advises from my friends, I’ve decided to go for pre-owned Rolex watch for several reasons:

  • The value of pre-owned Rolex watch will never drop. For example, if I purchase pre-owned watch for $6-7k, I could still sell for $6-7k after wearing for a few years, depending on the conditions of the watch.
  • Some models have obsolete. I checked some websites and  preferred older models than the new models.
  • This is my first Rolex watch and I do not want to spend too much on it. I’ll still feel heart pain although I like it a lot.

Having decided on a pre-owned watch, I have to decide on model. Of course, tall, dark and handsome guy like me definitely going for Rolex Sports edition. As far as I know, 3 popular models are:

  • Rolex Explorer 1,2
  • Rolex GMT 1,2
  • Rolex Submariner

Ok, time to go shopping.

Many people on forums recommended Chinatown. They said Chinatown had several shops selling pre-owned Rolex. I went over to Pearl Center and indeed, I found 3 shops. After talking to the shop assistants, I roughly know the market rate. For a pre-owned Rolex GMT/ Submariner with date, it cost around $6-8k.

I don’t really like Explorer, although I can get around $4k for it. Many of my friends are wearing Submariner – The Green Dial model. It is the 50 years edition and really looks cool. But finally I decided to go with the GMT 2. Reason is simple. It’s unique and you can read 2 different time zones from it.

Being a frequent traveler, wearing Rolex GMT 2 really suit my personality. Plus I like the red hour hand! (2012 GMT 2 comes with green hour hand) I went back and did further researches. No complaints about this model with many good ratings. I can conclude this is the model I want.

When I searched deeper, I realized that many people recommended HJWatch at Far East. This shop does it business so big and well that it puts all the prices on their website (As far as I know, no other shops put their prices due to competition). After checking their prices, I simply love it! Can’t find any lower than theirs.

However, I wonder if the watches are in good condition. I decided to go down and check the following week. When I reached there, there were tons of people inside. Isn’t there a recession? I guess Singaporeans are still rich. I looked around and found several Rolex GMT2 watches, at least 4-5 pieces. The sale assistant was friendly. She talked to me and explained the basic of the watch.

Out of the 5 pieces, only 1 came with the cert. Though it doesn’t really matter with or without cert, to me it’s always good to have, in case I want to sell off in future. And the cost is just about $100+ different. After examine the watch, I paid for it happily. Want to know the price? I paid $6500 for a 2001 Rolex GMT 2 watch!

Buying Rolex In Singapore

Finally, 1 item to be strike off from my to-do list. I definitely feel a sense of achievement after working hard for many years. Having a rolex watch is like a dream come true for me. Can’t stop looking at the beauty of it. After having it, I’m more motivated to work even harder, to achieve greater success in life!

So do you like Rolex? Feel like to leave your comments below and we can chat about it!


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