My First Charity Work At GEHA

I’ve been always taking and taking and taking ever since I was born. My parents treated me like a king, giving me the best education and all the gifts I wanted. I’m sad to say I’ve done nothing to help to society ever, till this day.

I’ve been quite contented with my life recently. Having a very stable career. I’m doing my internet marketing businesses during my free time, trading stocks with my extra cash. Life is good. I’ve slowed down the pace compared to previous few years when I was all out fighting for money and career. Perhaps I will again, but I decided to have a short break temporary.

I read a lot recently, if fact non stop. I simply couldn’t let go of my kindle or my iphone. (I usually read from these 2 devices). If you want to know what books I’ve finished reading, you can follow me on Twitter. I’ll take a photo of the book cover and uploaded through instagram, which is linked to my twitter account.

Just last week, I decided to do something I’ve never done before – charity work. I thought it was time to give back to society what I’ve been graciously given throughout these few years. Not only that, I can feel peace in my mind. I’m spending my time doing something meaningful.

The place I decided to help out was – GEHA – Geylang East Home of the Aged. It is a simple home for the old folks. There are about 35 people living there. Pretty much all of them are single, having no children, or discarded by their children. I decided to form a group with my friends to have dinner with them.

Mdm Lau was the person in charge over there. After checking with her to confirm there’s no Muslim, my friends and I decided to cater Bah Gu Tek, plus few side dishes. The order was quite smooth. I went online and did my ordering. It cost about $280 for 40 servings, which include Bah Gu Tek + 2 side dishes. The best part, they include free rice and delivery.

Next, we wanted to play some simple games with the old folks to keep them entertained. That’s the purpose of the whole trip, to make them feel happy and wanted. One of my friends suggested Bingo, which was a good idea! It was a team-play game and cost was low. Needless to say, fun as well. We set on Bingo.

Next, the prizes. Initially we thought of giving prizes to the top 10 winners only. However, after discussion, we decided to give prizes to everyone. By giving prizes to everyone will ensure everyone’s a winner that night. And importantly, there’s no losers and no one will feel disappointed. We set on that and purchased some biscuits for all of them.

Having these done, we are set to go. On the actual day (4th Nov 2012), we all went over to GEHA. When arrived, some of the old folks were sitting outside chatting, the rest were staying indoor watching TV. Mood wasn’t as bad as I thought. When they saw us coming, they were all very friendly and kept smiling at us. I could have guess they really hope more visitors would come and visit them more often.

I met up with Mdm Lau and talked to her briefly. She was a nice old woman. She showed us around. bringing us to see their bedroom and dinning room. We settled at the dinning room, preparing the food. Soon enough, food came. We separated the food to 40 portions and news spread. The old folks walked to the dinning room 1 by 1. They were 1 hour early to dinner. Perhaps everyone heard the dinner was Bah Gu Tek and very eager to try.

Of course, while preparing the food, some of my friends started playing Bingo with them. Surprisingly they were all very active and happy about the game. Some were even shouting like kids, eager to get their prizes. I was totally enjoying myself!


After everyone received their prizes, dinner were served. They ate hungrily. We went around serving them. The mood was good. After dinner, the old folks proceed back to their room, some ready to sleep, some eager to watch TV. We stayed back to help out cleaning.


End of the days, we went around talking to the people before calling it a day. It was one of the most meaningful event I ever organized and I felt really good after that. In future, I’ll get more involved in society charity work. It’s just 3 hours total. I’ll be planning for another charity work soon. Let’s hope the next one will be as successful as this.


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