My Paperless Office With iPhone Apps

I’ve totally forgotten about this blog of mine. The only time I updated this blog was when I was traveling with my iPad, to Rugao or Taiwan or any other parts of the world. When I’m bored, or nothing to do, I’ll surf through my apps and type blogging along the way.

With the launched of iPhone 5, Samsung Note 2, iPad Mini, etc … the way mobile apps influencing our lives become greater. I’ll been trying to keep up with the 1000s of new apps daily, filtering out the good ones that can enhance the productivity, or more importantly, I’m moving myself to live on cloud.

So what exactly is cloud? Cloud, in computer and internet terms means you move your files to a centralized place and able to access them anywhere you want in the world, with internet connection. Examples are like Hotmail, Gmail and Flickr. You save all your emails and photos to MS, Google and Yahoo servers. You can fly to US, or Australia and easily get access to your files.

2 very good reasons to live on cloud are:

  • your files are backup to the server, which means they will not be lose forever. You can keep as long as you want.
  • you can retrieve anywhere you want.

As technology improves, we can do things more easily. iPhone and Android devices are able to transform all your documents to cloud based easily. Let me guide you through.

First of all, there are 2 FREE cloud based apps you must have. Check with your friends and I’m sure some of them are already using them.

  • Dropbox – You are given 2G free space. If you click through this link, you can get 2.5G of free spaces.
  • Evernote – This is the best note keeping app. You can save all your notes forever. I’ll teach you more later.

After signing up these 2 services, you are ready.


For Dropbox, basically it serves as a Hard-disk. You are given 2G free upon signing up. If you link dropbox to your Twitter, Facebook accounts or do as dropbox instructed, you are given more free spaces. You can even create a folder on your desktop. Simply drag and drop your important files or photos inside the dropbox folder and it’ll automatically sync to the cloud.

Since I started using Dropbox, I create and save all my documents to it. I created several folders like Business, Work, Personal, Family and just sync my Words, Excel, Powerpoint documents to it. I can retrieve the documents anywhere I want and continue to work on them.

The best thing is – Dropbox comes with iPhone/ Android app. You can ever read your documents from your mobile phone, which really increases my productivity. Try it. Get Dropbox today!


Next is Evernote. Initially I do not really understand how it works. It’s just a note keeping app. I use Evernote mainly through my iphone. Once you’ve played around with it for a while, you’ll know the beauty of it.

Basically, it serves as a note taking app. You can create a new note and save it to the cloud forever. I’ve created lots of notes, like Goals 2012, Goals 2013, To-Do, Grocery, etc … The notes will not disappear and you can view your notes from any devices in future even if you change your mobile phones or PC.

After playing Evernote a while longer, I realised another good point. I can keep track of all my bills, and letters. I’ve created a note for “Mobile Phone Monthly Bill”. Each month, when my bill comes, I’ll take a photo of it and save it to evernote! I did the same for Utility Bill, Mortgage, shares, investments, etc … Now I can retrieve past years documents easily through evernote!


By taking photos and save to evernote isn’t that professional. I just found a good app called Scanner Pro (iOS) which can convert your documents to PDF file. I can take a photo of my phone bill with this app, and it will automatically convert it to PDF format. Then I save it to evernote.

I’m moving towards paperless office now. I’ll scan/take photo of all my documents, bills, letters and save them to the cloud. I can retrieve them like 10 years from now without going through the stacks of old letters inside my drawer anymore.

So have you improve from technology?


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