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What iOS Accessories To Buy For Your Kids

Christmas is just around the corner, a period when kids are the happiest and parents are full of headache. It’s gift time and parents are not sure what to get for their kids this year. Since most of the children already got their iPads and iPods the previous year, why not get them some iOS accessories?

My previous posts already highlight some of the toughest iPad Mini Case, iPhone 5 wallet Case, and lots of iOS accessories. If that’s not enough, no worries, I’ll review some more accessories just for kids.

If you haven’t get a tough case for your iPad, you may worry that your child may drop and damage your precious iPad. Why not get a X-Doria Widge to protect your iPad from damages? It provides a kid-proof layer of protection, made of soft, squishy rubber and super light weight!

X-Doria Widge

With a large wedge protruding from the back, it’s a perfect case to lay the iPad on the table and keep your child entertained for hours! The kids definitely like the build-in carrying handle with the fat corners for their little fingers to carry.

X-Doria Widge is compatible with iPad 2 onwards. You can get it from

Sometimes, kids like to play their favourite music and videos over and over again, which really irritate me, especially when I’m trying to do my work. However, I can’t remove their iPads, else matter will go out of hand. One good solution is to get them a pair of Kidz Gear Headphones.

If your children do not like earphones, and they’ll keep dropping out, just get them a pair of over-the-head headphones. Not only the headphones look funny on their little heads, these kids headphone offer protection that prevent the volume from going to the maximum, that may lead to serious harm to the ears.

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

These headphones are designed for children age 2-12 years old. The best feature about this headphone is that it limits the maximum volume to 80%. It’s very light weight and you can have no worries when your children are wearing them. Keep them on and you’ll find your peace of mind.

The next gift is perhaps the cutest Christmas present you can get. These Electric Friends Speaker Dock will match any idevices in your home. There are 4 friends for you to choose from – Chew Chew (dog), Ki Ki (cat), Sing Sing (panda), and Kwack Kwack (duck). If you don’t like headphones, why not get a speaker dock that will sing and speak to your kids. Just attach your iPod to this dock and have it tell story to your kids and they will simply sit down there for hours listening to the stories by their new friends.

Volumes can be adjusted from the ears and they can be operated by batteries, which mean you can bring these little friends out too!

Lastly, you can get a family game for this Christmas. Furby is great for solo, as well as family game. It works perfectly well with iPad and currently comes with 4 different iOS games.

Each game is a trivia contest and each question has 2 different answers to choose from. The loser will be the one who loses all their tokens. This game is designed to train your kids in a gamely way, which makes learning fun! If you want your kids to learn, get this Duo Plink for them today!


How Can I Earn Extra Money From My Blog

My previous post – How To Blog In Singapore had drawn lots of attentions. I’ve received several emails asking me if it’s really possible to earn from blogs. If yes, how can they do it?

Most of the emails come from Singapore and Malaysia and most of them are moms. I guess these moms are trying to find a way to earn extra income from home since the living standard in Singapore and Malaysia are rising too fast. Sole breadwinner doesn’t work in our era anymore.

Back to the question, can blog really make money? Well there are many ways to look at it. Let me roughly explain the whole concept.

Blogs started off when individuals using it as online diary. Instead of hiding their daily lives, these people were very opened in their lives, and gladly shared where they went, what they ate, who they were who, etc … Because most of the people are born busybody, these blogs tend to attract lots of attention, especially blogs from celebrities. The fans just can’t get enough of them.

After blogging started to get popular, everybody from age 8 to 80 had their own blog. They wrote about their lives and share the things they liked. Through sharing, marketing started.

Smart bloggers like John Chow saw the opportunity to make a living through blogging, and he did it so well that he became a superstar. (Well, if you are earning over $40,000 a month, you are a superstar as well)!

John Chow wrote many interesting things about his life, and he enjoyed traveling and food. This really captured many readers including me to follow his blog. His blog was simple and easy to read, not technical and very friendly. Sometimes, he would share how he got rich through blogging and that was the main pulling factor for people to keep reading his blog. Making money from blogging is thus … born.

People started to have more than 1 blog to earn even more. Instead of writing about their lives, they started to do niche blogging – which mean they wrote blog posts about certain topics like Quit Smoking, Fishes, Golf, Feng Shui, etc ….

Through these specific blogs, the bloggers published very detailed information for their readers and sometimes, they would recommend solutions to their problems.

For example, a Quit Smoking blog teaches people how to quit smoking in 7 days. The blogger will provide lots of information on how to do it, and eventually he recommends an ebook that promise his readers they can quit smoking easily within 7 days. Guess what, tons of readers will get this ebook as they are very targeted. Almost 100% of the readers are smokers who wants to quit smoking. That’s the power of niche blogs.

So basically these are the 2 ways to start a blog, either to write about your personal life and market something interesting, or write a niche blog to target a specific product. Can you earn? Of course you can!

If you have read my other post about how much reading I’m doing daily, you will know I really spend a lot of time on books and blogs. If you just want 1 advise on how to make money from blogging, I’ll suggest you read, from Problogger.

If you don’t know who Darren Rowse is, you are perhaps new to blogging. Darren started a blog called Problogger and it was very successful. In fact, it is such a big hit that he hardly write any more post. Most of the blog posts are from guest posting. But do not think these guest posts are of low quality, they are filtered after waves and waves of elimination. Only the best posts can appear on ProBlogger. Reason is simple, there are just too many readers.

Darren himself is a very simple and humble man. Most of the time, he’s sharing with his readers how to build a better blog within 30 days, things to look out for when you just start your blog, how to blog about your business to attract more customers and lots of other tips.

Through his tips, many people benefited and save several years of trail and errors. I dare to say I’m one of them. In fact, I was so pumped up to make more money through blogging that I purchased all of his ebooks. And these ebooks are gold! They basically taught me tons of things I would never have learnt from any other places. Until now, I’ve successfully started over 20 blogs, earning me a nice passive income day after day.

So if you really interested to start a blog in Singapore or Malaysia or any other parts of the world and earn passive income from it, I really suggest you follow Darren’s blog (and mine of course). Read more, and learn more. Post more interesting topics that will interest your readers and you are half way there!

Have you started your blog? I’m interested to check it out. Just drop me a comment below and let me know how you are doing. Blog out!

Free Podcasting Ebook

Previously I’ve talked about listening to podcasts in Singapore is one of my favorite hobby. You can find all sorts of topics, from audio to video, from things happening on Earth to the stars in the universe. Basically podcasting will be the future of marketing and news. Reason? It’s free and easy to produce. Everyone can be a podcaster.

If you are interested in podcasting, and eager to try out yourself, I’ve good news for you. I’ve found this free podcasting ebook available online right now – The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting. It’ll cover basically everything you need to kick start your podcasting channel from anywhere in the world including Singapore!

Before this offer goes away, quickly get yours now!

Tourist Hot Spot in Singapore – Bugis

Habits never change. When you get used to something, it’ll bind you again and again in your life. As they say “Leopards never change its spots.”

One of my habits, or hobby rather, is to scroll and roam around meaninglessly. Usually I do not plan what to do, or where to go. I’ll just carry my “toys” with me and off I go. Sometimes, I’ll just go somewhere nearby, pull out my iPad and drink some coffee, while other times I’ll take the train and plan my destination based on my mood.

It’s some kind of de-stressing method and proven useful for me. I’ll forget everything and just let myself lost in the crowd. Sometimes I’ll act stupid and dress like a tourist, wearing a cap, sunglasses and carrying a bag with a camera in hand. I don’t care what happen and just keep snapping photos along my way.

Destinations are usually different, but at times I’ll like to go back to some of my favorite spots. One of them is actually Bugis.

There are many happening things in Bugis. First of all, a huge Bugis Junction is right outside Bugis Mrt Station. I can rest and relax over there. Previously I’ll like to drink coffee (Starbucks), do some reading, working (my websites) and watching the crowd, but I’ve stopped this hobby. I realize many people are watching me if I took the seat too long. Many people are waiting for seats. This makes me uneasy and therefore I seldom bring my work out nowadays.

I like to move around now. Nearby Bugis Junction is a very popular and famous temple – Si Ma Lu. My parents brought me here since the day I was born and till this day, this temple popularity still keep rising. Perhaps it is because Guan Yin (God of Mercy) answers to most of the pleads. That’s what people want right? No matter what, I’m a firm believer and my life is smooth sailing to this very day, so it must be true.

Along the way to this famous Guan Yin Temple, there are many small road stalls. You can catch some street performers during the weekends. If you are touring in Singapore, don’t miss this place. Go and pray for good luck, marriage, wealth, whatever you want. It’s free anyway.

After praying, I’ll walk over to Sim Lim Square for some window shopping. Sim Lim Square is perhaps the best place to get electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers in Singapore for Singaporeans only. Reason is because they sell same things at different prices.

If the sellers talk to you and know you are Singaporean, will will give you more or less an honest price, provided you do a bit of homework and bargain a bit. For foreigners, it’s like a fat cow waiting to be slaughtered. I ever encountered a seller selling iphone 1 for over $2.5k to Ang Mo (foreigner)! Therefore I suggest if you are a tourist, do not go Sim Lim Square, go Funan instead. Their prices are fixed and still low compare to the market.

I like steamboat as well. Just opposite Intercontinental Hotel is a long stretch of steamboat shops. I’ll usually have my dinner with my wife over there once a while. Cost is quite reasonable at less than $20 per person. Yes, it’s eat all you can buffet!

If you are walking back to Bugis Junction, don’t forget to walk from the Bugis Street. It’s a street selling lots of cheap stuff, ranging from T-Shirts to bags to watches. You can grab something back as a souvenir for your friends. Cheap and good!

This post is meant for friends from overseas. I hope you can have an idea about Bugis in Singapore. If you want to know more, do add me in Twitter and we’ll tweets ok? Happy touring!

iPhone 5 Wallet Card Case

Some people like to travel light, and I’m one of them. My current pockets are already full with daily necessities, such as keys, wallet, iPhone. I downsize my wallet recently to card holder as I do not like to stuff my wallet behind my pocket. Still I’m looking for solution to downsize further.

I’m glad to come across this useful 2 in 1 case. It serves as an iPhone 5 case, and able to double up as a built in wallet. This iPhone 5 card case can hold up to 3 credit cards and cash! For light travelers, this is indeed the best solution!

This case is made from soft touch rubber, with a protective front screen bezel that fully protect the iPhone facing down. Worry about the size of this holder? Worry no more. This card case is very slim, measuring less than 4.5mm.

This case is made just for iPhone 5, and therefore designed to work with lighting connector. Users do not have to remove the case if they want to sync or charge their iPhone.

This Q case is made by CM4, comes with 1 year warranty and is available in 4 colors – red, black, green and brown. If you light to combine your card holder with iPhone, this Q case is a must for you!

The Toughest Ipad Mini Case

iDevices never fail to attract manufacturers to improve their accessories. It was proven for years, with the toughest iPhone cases to the latest iPad mini case. This time, it is by OtterBox, with their most popular series – the Defender Series.

The iPad mini case looks exactly like the bigger iPad casing, with three layers of protection.

  • A hard polycarbonate inner layer,
  • A durable silicon outer layer,
  • Build in screen protector.

Not only the case is tough, the weight is another plus point. It feels pleasant to hold the small tablet in your hand, and it feels very natural. OtterBox did a very good job to keep the case super light.

With the case on, holding your beloved iPad mini isn’t a problem. You still can hold and read your favorite ebooks, or watch your favorite movies with one hand.

If you that this OtterBox case just protect the surface of your tablet, look again. There are silicon flaps around all buttons and ports to prevent water splashing, except for the build in speakers. This is to allow you to have the best quality when it comes to music.

The screen protector is a big bonus. After some intense and heavy usage for a few days, the screen protector was proven not to cut down any clarity or color of the iPad mini screen. You still get the best resolution from the screen.

Included in this case is a combination of shield and stand. The stand clips on the front of the idevice to provide double protection. Once detached, the stand can be setup to use in either typing mode, or movie watching mode. It’s up to you.

So if you want to really protect your new iPad mini and allows it to function for years, I suggest you get this toughest iPad mini case. You can purchase it from OtterBox website, however if you get it from, you can cut a $10 off. Get yours today!

2nd Charity Work at AWWA

One of the most fulfilling works I’ve done recently was the charity work at GEHA. It really opened up my eyes to the poor old people, all depending on themselves. Luckily, GEHA – Geylang East Home of the
Aged accepts them and they are living happily there.

Another major charity is AWWA – Asian Women’s Welfare Association. It is situated near Ang Mo Kio Mrt Station, around 10 min walk. Initially I thought the place was small, similar to GEHA, but I was wrong. AWWA occupied the first 4 stories of a HDB flat, taking in over 120 old folks!

The place looks just like normal HDB flat. There’s an office and medical service at Level 1. Level 2 will be the kitchen, together with the old folks who have difficulties in their movement. This is to facilitate their accessibility to the kitchen daily.

Level 3 is the entertainment room. They have a large Karaoke room with all the mics and amps there. The folks can pass their time by singing and dancing. They will have their usual afternoon tea there as well. Opposite the entertainment room is AWWA management office. There are around 5 people managing this place, together with a few nurses.

The rest of level 3 will be staying by the old folks. Same for the whole level 4. Level 5 onwards will be normal residents.

This time round, because of the huge numbers of people, I’ve gathered more volunteers (around 16) to be involved. On the actual day, when all the volunteers reached around 430pm, we went up and had chit chat with the folks first. They were pretty excited to see us coming. Some of them were sitting at
the void deck, some were strolling around, some were already blasting music inside the entertainment room, singing and enjoying themselves.

The food arrived right on time, closed to 5pm. While preparing for the serving, some of my friends suggested that we bought some durians for the old people as many of them had not taste durians in their lives. We pooled some money and spilt the team up.

Some went to buy durians. Another group prepared the goodies bags, which consists of biscuits, chocolates, drink, coffee, etc … The last group were in charge of the food. It was a good thing we had called many volunteers, each handling a small part.

At 530pm sharp, the nurse rang the dinner bell and the old folks queued up outside the kitchen. A total of 8 people were inside the kitchen preparing the food. Some in charge of muslim food, some vegetarian food, while the rest just handled the dishes. Things flowed smoothly. After serving, we quickly packed
the left over and left them there, just in case some of the old people were hungry at night.

Right after the dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and proceed to the entertainment room. We had some kueys for them. The folks accepted the kueys happily, and coffee was served concurrently. The karaoke session began round 2.

With the singing on-going, the rest of the volunteers started to bring out the birthday cakes. There were a total of 9 birthday guys and gals in November. We gathered all of them in front and sang birthday songs in different languages. It was fun. After that, cake was served. Durian was served concurrently. We made sure all the old folks had their stomach full to the max.

After the durian session, the old people were tired. They went back to their respective rooms to rest. We cleaned the entertainment room, helped out with the tables and chairs and thank everyone supporting this meaningful event.

After the whole charity work, I was exhausted, but happy. I felt peaceful, maybe because I did something good. These AWWA residents enjoyed 1 more happy day in their lives, which really meant a lot to them. Despite there wasn’t much people to care for them anymore, AWWA and the volunteers tried to make them feel home, and as comfortable as possible.

I’m waiting for the next charity work. So what about you? Are you interested as well? Let me know in the comments below.

The thinnest Ipad 4 Keyboard Cover

I had a keyboard dock for my iPad 1. However I never bring it out as it was big and bulky, nevertheless, super heavy! I had to remove my iPad cover before it could fit nicely into the dock, which made it nothing but a white elephant.

Since then, I had resisted to most iPad keyboard cases, and only interested in those with Bluetooth capability. Recently Logitech, one of the largest PC accessories makers came out with an amazing piece of accessory – Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. This can be considered the world’s slimmest iPad keyboard cover ever, with a mere 8mm thick. How can anything goes thinner than this!

This Logitech keyboard case serves two functions, with one side serving as a keyboard that face the iPad, and the back side serves as a cover. This cover clings to the side of the tablet with a magnetic hinge, just like Apple’s Smart Covers. The keyboard is Bluetooth powered, and a single charge can last up to 6

Typing using this keyboard is indeed a joy, and very comfortable. I tried playing around with it and it made my typing fast and smooth. However 1 bad thing about this keyboard is … it is compatible with iPad 2 and above. My iPad 1 isn’t supported.

So if you want a world thinnest iPad keyboard case, you can find at It comes with red and white edition. Let me know how you feel after using this ultra thin keyboard in the comments below.

Worried About Your Pet Goes Missing?

Many people love their pets more than anything else. In fact, one of my cousins is a pet freak. She has two dogs and pampers them more than anything else. She even renovates a room just for her dogs. Sometimes, I think these dogs are more fortunate than her husband.

They get to eat the best food, enjoy daily strolls and their main job is to please my cousin. She is so attached to them that she creates Facebook account for her dogs. She will take daily photos of them and their activities.

One of her problems is when she brings her dogs out, she will let them run freely. Often her dogs will return upon hearing her call, but once a while, they will go missing. She has to hunt them high and low, which makes her very worry.

Luckily, there’s Tagg Pet Tracker, a new device for iOS device user. This device has a small tracker than any pet owner can fix on their pet’s collar, and with the help of GPS and cell capabilities, the tracker will monitor the pet’s whereabouts.

If the pet ever leave a designated compound, the tracker will electrocute the pet alert the owner via an iOS app call Companion iOS. Through this app, the owner is able to know their pet’s exact location and even directions how to get there.

Not only that, Tagg Pet Tracker has another useful function. It serves as an exercise app to see how active/lazy your pet is.

You can get Tagg Pet Tracker from and get it ships to you.

PS: Ladies, you can use this to track your husband’s location too.

The Coolest iPad Mini Keyboard Case On Market

While many people (including me) are still debating whether to get the latest iPad mini for their Christmas present, Belkin, one of the world biggest iDevices accessories maker comes out with the coolest iPad mini keyboard case.


This portable iPad mini keyboard case smartly fixes a removable keyboard to a folio case, all in one package.

The keyboard runs via Bluetooth, therefore no visible wirings will be seen. What’s more amazing is the battery life. Belkin claims the battery life of this cool gadget can last up to 155 hours, which makes it close to 7 days continuous usage with a single charge!

Most of the functions can be controlled by the keyboard, including short cut functions to control the audio and video. With keyboard being removable, the carrying case can fold flat with the iPad mini, making it easy to store and carry.

This carrying case is really handy for travelers and people who travel light. They can basically edit their documents on the go, as well as do what I’m doing right now – blogging. If you are always mobile, it’s advisable to protect your iPad mini with this cool case. It’s as if you are carrying your computer with you

This cool iPad mini keyboard case can be ordered from Belkin website, however it’s better to get it from for fast delivery. Beat the crowd, get it now!