The Future Direction of Google

Before I went China for my holiday, I had plans to expand my online business. I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket again. Horror stories such as Adsense accounts being banned were on the rise recently. Google kept updating their algorithm, making Internet marketers mad. We’re like going circles again and again.

I took some time to analysis where Google was going, and found some findings. Previously in 2008, article marketing was king. Ranking high on Google was so simple. Simply stuff keywords multiple times into your articles and you’ll almost get ranked within first 2 pages of Google.

Ezinearticles was the king at that time. Everyone was using it to create backlinks. Backlinking was the way to do SEO. Google found their ranking was easily manipulated and in 2011, they kill of some major players like Ezinearticles and eHow.

Article marketing wasn’t as effective as previously. Backlinks using articles were not weigh that much.

Next early this year in Mar 2012, Google took action and killed off BMR, a self owned blog directories. Thus proved my theory. Google believed that backlinking was the wrong way to rank sites. Think about it, who do backlinks? Only Internet marketers themselves. They are playing with Google to get ranking high, even if their content was crapy.

So right now, google is looking at the way you build your links. With the latest penguin update, Google completely de-indexed sites that are over-optimized. Google doesn’t want any unnatural backlinks anymore. If you are one of the few millions who spent thousands on your backlinking strategy, I urged you to stop now!

So what is Google looking for and what direction is Google moving to? Many friends were asking me that. I believe Google is moving into one direction, social media. Using backlinks as counts to rank websites aren’t that accurate anymore. Anyone can do that easily. However, by using social media proof, only real person can do it. No doubt it can still be manipulated, it’ll still serve as an accurate counter.

1000 Facebook likes aren’t going to bluff anyone, unlike 1000 backlinks. With so many proof, from panda to penguin, I can smell I’m moving in the right direction.

So do you agree with me? Have you start building your social media proof? Do it fast!


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