Many Socials – My First iOS App

Before I went China, I thought of diversifying my online income. So what’s the best thing to do right now, and it’s going to expand in future. Of course, it’s non other than mobile apps.

The success of iphone, iPad, and all other smartphones are because of the unlimited apps. These phones have the capability to do wonders, depending on the creativity of the app owners.

If you buy one smartphone, you can have unlimited new apps everyday! Therefore, smartphone is here to stay, so do the apps!

You must have heard many success stories where companies were sold for billion dollars (Instagram), and angry birds were found in almost every smartphones. The apps are just like the initial phase of websites, where people have difficulty doing. Outsourcing to programmers cost a bomb and it wasn’s simple.

However if you think long term, these small money are definitely worth it, if you look at the potential for years to come. The search engine by apple store/play store are still young and easily manipulated. Currently they are ranked by feedbacks and sales. If you give your apps for free to exchange for feedbacks, your app will be able to rank high. After that then sell it for $0.99. That’s it!

I’m very excited about the potential and I looked for my developer to develop my first app – many socials. I’m facing this problem of having different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc … Having to update my status is really a pain, especially if I want to say the same thing. I’m sure many people/companies are facing this problem too. That’s how I have the idea.

This app is still in the development phase, and I hope everything will go smoothly. I still don’t know how to monetize this yet, but I’ll hoping to sell it for $0.99, or even give it away for free!

So what do you think? Is free a better option? I’ll like to hear from you.


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