Why Kindle 3 is the best portable device

I’ve many portable electronic devices. I can proudly say in fact I have everything. iPod, iPad, iPhone, Samsung note, PSP, netbook, kindle, digital camera and lots more.

This trip to China, I need careful planning to decide which devices to bring to kill my extra time here. Eventually I brought my iPad for movies, iPhone for phone and kindle for reading. My wife brought our netbook here and left it in china so that next time, we need not carry here again.

Although there’s Internet at my wife’s house, my iPad and iPhone can’t log on to the net. The technology is still old here and needs a dialer to make the connection. I can configure the netbook, however iPad and iPhone don’t support this feature. Basically they are handicap over here.

Luckily, some times back, I bought a Kindle 3 3G. That time I’m still deciding which kindle to buy as the prices are relatively cheap. The latest on market was kindle 4 and kindle fire, but I decided to get kindle 3 and I was glad I made the right decision.

First of all, I’m deciding whether to get a wifi or 3G version. Since the price difference is only $50, it’s no brainer to get the 3G version. Remember, it’s the convenience that count since you will only get this kindle once. Get the 3G one.

Next, cancel out the devices that don’t support 3G. That works out to non-color kindle only. Kindle fire doesn’t have 3G version, so I don’t want it.

Another important point is the battery life. Non color kindle can last around 1 month with a fully charged battery. Kindle fire can last only 1-3 days, even lesser than iPad. This concluded that I right to leave out kindle fire and go for non color kindle. So which one to get? Either kindle 3 or kindle 4.

I continued with my researches and realized one very important point that make the deciding factor. Kindle 4, although can surf net anywhere in the world for free, it only allows Amazon website and Wikipedia. I guessed it was because Kindle 3 was a huge success and Amazon decided to limit the web access.

I immediately go online and ordered my Kindle 3 3G. After I received mine, I loaded it with tons of ebooks such as “The Hunger Games” etc … There are tons of free ebooks everywhere. Just do a google search and you’ll find a lot. However I mainly download mine from Amazon best seller list.

Another important, perhaps the most important one during my trip to China was the ability to read my RSS from my kindle. This was important as I was a huge fan of RSS. I read all my news, blogging tips, making money online, iPhone news, stocks and lots more through RSS. Ever since I came to China, I was totally lost. My iPhone and iPad could not connect to the net to receive my news and I couldn’t keep up with the world.

Until recently, I found a Free Site for kindle, which was able to read my RSS feeds. It total change my view on Kindle and I’m now ranking kindle as my no. 1 electronic device. Imagine I’m reading news and ebooks anywhere in the world for free, access facebook and twitter in China where the great firewall can’t block. And the battery life last one month! The device is light and the e-ink doesn’t strain my eyes, unlike iPad which I totally don’t advise to use it for reading.

However, kindle isn’t so perfect. The only bad point I can think of is the inability to read in the dark. I remember I wanted to do some reading at night while my wife was asleep, but couldn’t. To counter this problem, I’ve purchase a separate case with LED light to allow me to continue my reading.

So today, if you ask me to bring 1 electronic device with me overseas, just only one, I’ll say it’ll be my Kindle 3. I simply love it so much I’m thinking of getting another one before Amazon decided to discontinue the production. So what’s your favorite device? Let me know ok?


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