Feeling Lost

It’s the 2nd last day today (Sat) in Rugao. I had so much fun here and kind of feeling a bit lost and sad to go back.

This is the 1st time having this feeling. Last year was a total disaster. The weather was too cold, snowing a few days during my trip. Food was not what I like. Unable to shower due to the coldness. Without these basic necessaries, I totally want to fly back to Singapore immediately.

Not this time. First of all, we select a nice time to go back – Apr. Weather’s around 18c mainly, just nice for outdoor activities. Parents-in-law asked about the food I liked and they really spent a lot of efforts to cook my favorite food every meal! Thanks!

I showered every day. I’m a hygienic person. No shower, no no! I’m glad I’m able to shower everyday here. Not only that, I bought a lot of cheap stuff from Taobao. We went several places of interest as well. Things just worked out so well.

Now, 2nd last day, I can feel the stress building up. Once back to Singapore, I led my busy, hectic life once more. The most unbearable was my night shift work. I can’t see my wife at all. Our off days were different. Things shouldn’t be that way.

I’ll have my annual RT from May till July, which means I have lesser sleep 3 days per week. It’s terrible, but thinking on the brighter side, it’s good for me. I always stress out when I lose time to do my businesses. I need to succeed fast to lead a more comfortable life, to give my parents a better life, therefore I need to succeed in life fast!

Now I’m planning my life for the next 3 months. I need to get things right. First of all, I need to get a day shift job in order to maintain my family life. That’s the most important to me. I do not want to neglect my wife for a job.

Next, I need to get my Internet income up. My cousin-in-law was doing internet business as well. And I was guessing he earned over $25k monthly. Shit! I was wasting my time! I need to get my 4 blogs up Google ranking, giving me a passive income of target $100 monthly each. It shouldn’t be too hard, I just need to find the way.

I’m working on 2 iOS apps now, hoping to be able to launch them by end next month (end of May) and target to launch another 3 more apps this year. I plan to launch 5 apps this year, pick the profitable ones and convert to Android and launch in dual platform. I’m not sure about the earnings, but I’m update here in my blog.

Lastly, I plan to buy goods from Taobao and sell worldwide. I realized I have connections in China which I can easily get the goods. I’ve personally purchased several of them and the quality was fantastic. Now the tough part was to market worldwide. I used to do it several years ago, but stopped due to some personal reasons. Now I’m back , stronger, smarter. I must achieve success in a faster way. I’ll try marketing in Singapore first. My plan is not to meet up with customers as I don’t want to commit the same mistake. I simply do not have the time. Everything’s by delivery and email. I know things will be slow and takes time to build trust, let’s see again 3 months later.

So in summary, from May to July, I’ve:
– RT
– looking for day job
– increase earnings in my internet businesses
– complete and sell 2 apps in Apple store.
– start selling goods from Taobao.

Things are getting busier, but I like it. It allows me to get nearer to my goal. So do you plan your life? Let me know!


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