Blogging At My Own Pace

I’ve many blogs. Some of the recent ones are Green Energy Blog and Succeed In Life Blog. All my blogs are making money, but why do I choose a free for my personal blog?

This question had been surrounding me for many years, ever since my first internet business was up. First of all, if you read my blog, you’ll realize that I definitely not blogging consistently, especially for my personal blog. I always remind myself to blog more, however I was always tied up with my other businesses (the most recent ones are iOS apps) and neglected this.

Because of this, I decided to get a free blog. I hope my blog will be on cyberspace forever, and need not worry about paying the yearly subscription. I can blog whenever I want and the blog will always be there. Even my kids or grand kids can read about my life in future.

I don’t really want to monetize this blog as it’s more personal. I’m using my iPhone to blog this very moment and I’m right here in China. The feeling’s so wonderful to be able to express myself freely. All I did was to download the wordpress app before hand and here I am, mobile blogging.

One of my favorite blogger was Dan Miller – 48 Days. His blog is very personal, yet educational. I’m reading my RSS using my kindle (I’ll talk about how to do it later) and he motivated me to write something everyday. If you read his blog, some of his post are only quotes, some are only 2-3 sentences long, yet they are very meaningful and personal. It tells a lot about him and his life. And that’s what I want to achieve this year.

Since I’m in Rugao, China now for a 2 weeks vacation, I’m replanning my life. I have many things to achieve and consistent blogging is one of it. It really allow me to know myself deeper (try it yourself) and giving myself a mental freedom.

Lunch is here, I’ll blog again when I’m free. So do you like blogging?


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