China Still Blocks WordPress

As you know, my previous few blog posts were written from my iPhone 4 in china while I’m bored. It’s really nice to be able to write down how I feel and save it first. When there’s wifi available, I’ll upload all my posts.

However today, bored at my wife’s house, I decided to use my laptop and blog, through Guess what? I can’t access to the page. My guts feeling is telling me is one of the victims being blocked by the great firewall of china, together with twitter, YouTube, facebook, etc ….

It’s really sickening when you can’t access to these popular websites. What’s wrong with the Chinese government! Guess I’ll have to live with it. All I can do is to continue shopping at Taobao, Chinese version of eBay. I’ve purchased lots of items from there. Even my wife can’t help buying 7 iPhone 4 and her Samsung Galaxy Note cases.

The items are good, if you know how to search. Some tips from me.

– Search for the items you want.
– Set the desire price range.
– Sort according to items sold.
– Pat attention to feedbacks. The higher the better.
– Pay attention to the score. I’ll usually buy from 4.8. 4.7 is still acceptable and anything less than that, I’ll pass.

Follow these criterial and you won’t go wrong. So how your own shopping experience? Tell me about it.


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