3rd Trip To Rugao

It’s been a very long time since my last post (over a year). Since 2010-2011, I’ve been super busy with a lot of things.

My business had been ups and downs. I’ll talk more about it next time. Right now, I’m at my wife’s hometown, Rugao, for the 3rd time. Any changes? Well a lot!

First of all, there were lots of Apple stores around. iPhone 4s was the first Apple model to be launched in China. Since then, iPhone was populated in China. You can see the craze everywhere. No doubt the price was a hefty Rmb5000+, ppl don’t care! There are plenty of rich people around, perhaps more than anywhere in the world.

The cost of living was extremely high, so high to a point I’m calculating how a normal person can live with their humble wages. I’ll give an example. I went to a restaurant for breakfast, selling crab meat bun. Can you guess how much it sells? Rmb15! Which is around S$3/bun! I don’t remember eating a bun for $3 in Singapore, and here in China where a normal worker’s pay is around Rmb2000, how can they afford this kind of lifestyle?

Right now I had just finished my lunch at another restaurant with over 30 courses. It’s simple crazy how the rich is living here – totally like a king!

My 3rd uncle is shopping for a new house in Rugao City. A 2nd hand 130m2 cost Rmb400,000! What’s the different comparing to Spore! No wonder newly wed couples depend on parents to finance their flat. The couples income alone will not be able to afford the installment even for 60 years!

That’s all for my post at Rugao. If you like to know more, you can follow me at Twitter. Peace!


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